"The accused did not "I did nothing which was act wrongly because they illegal, immoral, or bad were covered by the law medicine. Everything I did and were carrying out the was in accordance with the law." laws of the land." -- Boston abortionist Kenneth -- Hadamar Hospital Edelin, at his manslaughter Euthanasia Trial, 1945. trial for strangling to death a live late-term aborted baby girl in 1975.

"The courts tell us "I just go by what the court that this is a legal matter says. I only do what's legal." it is all quite legal." -- Abortionist M. Jackson, -- Nuremberg defendant New York City. Walter E. Schmidt.

"The physician is merely "The physician is only the an instrument, as in the case instrument of her decision." of an officer who receives an -- Abortionist Bernard order." Nathanson, 1974. -- Dr. Karl Brandt, Nuremberg Doctor Trial, 1947.

"The victims of this "In the case of abortion, Buchenwald typhus test the fetus is doomed to death did not suffer in vain and anyhow, but perhaps its death did not die in vain. People can be ennobled when the research were saved by these has as its objective the saving of experiments." the lives of other wanted fetuses." -- Dr. Gebhard Rose, Nurem- -- Drs. Willard Gaylin berg Doctor Trial, 1947. and Mark Lappe, 1975.


What good does it do "Most birth defects are not to humanity to maintain discovered until birth. If a child artificially and rear the were not declared alive until thousands of cripples, deaf- three days after birth, the doctor mutes, and idiots? Is it not could allow the child to die if the better and more rational to parents so choose and save a lot cut off from the first this of misery and suffering. I believe unavoidable misery which this view is the only rational, their poor lives will bring to compassionate attitude to have." themselves and their families?" -- Nobel laureate Dr. James D. -- Dr. Ernst Haeckel, medical Watson, 1973. and biological scientist, 1904.

The collaborationist Vichy The governments of various government ordered 2,000 Paris cities, including Atlanta, Pitts- police to ensure that "demon- burgh, New York, San Francisco, strators" did not disturb public and many others turn out swarms "peace and order" while hundreds of riot-helmeted police to ensure of Jewish children were rounded that "demonstrators" do not disturb up and crammed into busses for public "peace and order" while transport to extermination camps hundreds of American preborn children in the Summer of 1942. are exterminated.

Reference: Most of these quotes may be found in William Brennan. The Abortion Holocaust: Today's Final Solution . Order from Land- mark Press, Post Office Box 13547, 1461 Dunn Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63138, or Life Issues Bookshelf, Sun Life, Thaxton, Virginia 24174, telephone: (703) 586-4898. 1983, 237 pages, $6.95.

Similarity (4): Medical Leadership.

Physicians -- not black-clad Schutzstaffel thugs -- developed the philosophy and methodology of the Nazi Holocaust. Almost all of the leading German, British, and American eugenicists admired by the leaders of the Third Reich were doctors.

The American Holocaust was initiated by Neofeminists and oppor- tunistic politicians, but physicians soon took over the pro-abortion movement's leadership. Warren Hern, Bill Baird, Bernard Nathanson, Henry Morgentaler, Willard Cates, Alan Guttmacher, and many other pro-abortion strategists and leaders were physicians.

Figure 53-4 shows the similarities between the thinking of the German and American doctors.

The attitude that is most striking is the bare, stark utilitarianism shown by these so-called Nazi and pro-abortion 'physicians.' Placed in a position where they could literally dictate life or death with impunity, they soon reverted to relying upon their own instincts for guidance in- stead of a truly caring, God-inspired set of immutable rules.

What we must remember is that the ANTI-LIFE mentality is purely utilitarian. Anything (or anyone) that is inconvenient or useless must be eliminated. This viewpoint originated in Hitler's Hegelian ethic, as described in his work Mein Kampf ; "Everything must be examined from this [utilitarian] point of view and used or rejected according to its utility."

Once again, situation ethics reign supreme in the United States, just as they did in Nazi Germany a half-century ago.




"The destruction of Jews "Abortion is precisely equivalent is analogous to removing a to operating on an appendix or gangrenous appendix from removing a gangrenous bowel." a diseased body." -- Dr. Alan Guttmacher, -- Nazi doctor Fritz Klein. Planned Parenthood.

"A doctor may interrupt a "A licensed physician is just- pregnancy when it threatens ified in terminating a pregnancy the life or the health of the if he believes that the pregnancy mother. An unborn child that would impair the physical/mental is likely to present hereditary health of the mother or that the and transmissible defects may child would be born with grave be destroyed." physical or mental defect." -- German Penal Code and -- American Law Institute Hamburg Eugenics Court, Model Penal Code, 1962. 1933.

"The authority of physicians "The abortion decision is enlarged to include the re- in all its aspects is inherently sponsibility for according a and primarily a medical decision "mercy death" to "incurables."" and basic responsibility for it -- Hitler's Euthanasia Order, must rest with the physician." September 1939. -- Roe v. Wade , 1973.

"If you are going to kill "With changes in the abortion all these people, at least take laws, fetuses as valuable research the brains out so that the material is on the increase." material may be utilized." -- Dr. Leroy Jackson, 1975. -- Dr. Julius Hallervorden, Nuremberg trials, 1945.

Reference: Most of these quotes may be found in William Brennan. The Abortion Holocaust: Today's Final Solution . Order from Landmark Press, Post Office Box 13547, 1461 Dunn Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63138, or Life Issues Bookshelf, Sun Life, Thaxton, Virginia 24174, telephone: (703) 586-4898. 1983, 237 pages, $6.95.

Similarity (5): Dehumanization of the Victim.

"Those who use this [Holocaust] analogy maintain that the pro- ponents of freedom of choice have dehumanized the unborn child, just as the Nazis dehumanized the Jew. This is not true."

-- 'Rabbi' Charles D. Mintz, writing for the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights (RCAR).

It is so much easier to eliminate a class of people who have first been carefully stripped of their human dignity. This has happened so many times that we have lost count. Yet we still refuse to learn our lessons from history.

The same Neofeminists who call the unborn "protoplasmic rubbish," "gobbets of meat," "parasites," and "blobs" fume about how women were historically oppressed and 'kept down' by men who viewed them as 'weaker vessels' with no talents other than having and raising babies.

Black 'leaders' like Jesse Jackson and Coretta Scott King, who refer to the unborn as "products of conception" or "contents of the uterus," snivel about the injustices that White men heaped on Blacks more than a century ago, robbing them of their humanity by calling them "brutes, obscene with animal appetites, vicious, and illegitimate," and "ignorant, perverse, wicked, the pest of White men, agents of Satan."

According to the Nazis, Jews and others not of Aryan quality "... had to be treated like tuberculosis bacilli, with which a healthy body may become infested. This was not cruel, if one remembers that even innocent creatures of nature, such as hares and deer, have to be killed, so that no harm is caused by them."

Adolf Hitler, in his book Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), variously referred to Jews as "maggots in a rotting corpse;" "a plague worse than the Black Death;" "mankind's eternal germ of disunion;" "drones in the human hive;" "spiders sucking blood out of the people's pores;" "a pack of rats eating one another;" "the eternal bloodsucker;" "the vampire of peoples;" and "a harmful bacillus that spreads," among many other degrading terms.

(Note: Bringing some theological reasoning into the picture, one might wonder just WHY the Nazis were so intent on destroying the Jews? When we looks at this intense hatred with an objective mind, one can see that the Jews, although humans with their own faults and weak- nesses like all the rest of us, certainly do not deserve the hatred that anti-Semites continually throw at them. Why is this? I believe it is due more to spiritual or metaphysical factors rather than physical or intellectual ones. Let's Face it, the Jews have taken a central role in the historical drama, and are considered by many to be the 'vessel' race through whom the Almighty has chosen to speak with his creation here on earth. There are many who cannot accept the idea that God has bestowed on the Israelites this grave responsibility, much less accept the "message" of the Torah or the Bible itself. If the Initiator of all things has spoken "through" the Jews, then in the eyes of many the Israelites would be more "accountable" to "practice what they preach" than would the gentile nations of the world who are the ultimate reci- pients of the wisdom from above. So jealousy, judgementality, unbelief and even irrational hatred would have played a major role in the past atrocities against the Jews -- especially if there exists a dark spiritual force which has been motivating the enemies of the Jews down through history because of the role Israel plays in the Divine Plan. Even if one is an atheist, they would have to be incredibly naive to fail to recognize the spiritual aspects and significance of the 'Holocaust'. The Israelites worshipped and served JEHOVAH whereas the Inner core of the Nazi elite were involved with satanic cult worship, and worshipped the "Lord of Darkness" Luficer, although they professed that Lucifer and not Jehovah was the "true god". This Nazi obsession with black witchcraft and satanism is well documented. This worship of the dark lord via witchcraft, sorcery and the occult had existed in Bavaria from the time that the Germanic Hun tribes -- who formed the core of the military force of the Roman Empire -- brought black majic back from Egypt following their occupation of northern Africa. So even if an atheist does not be- lieve in "God" or the "Devil", they would have to admit that the BELIEF in the same played a major role in the German - Israeli conflict of World War II. - Wol.) Figure 53-5 shows the striking sameness of the language of de- humanization. Acts of genocide are invariably cloaked with words of kindness and compassion; "empty," "removal," "evacuation," and "treatment," to name just a few. The perpetrators, instead of being truthfully portrayed as the killers they really are, wear the thick and nearly impenetrable cloak of respectability, and anyone who dares question it is ruthlessly suppressed.





"It had nothing to do with "What is aborted is a humanity. It was a mass. I protoplasmic mass and rarely saw them as individuals, not a real live individual." always a huge mass." -- Dr. Walter Char and -- Franz Stangle, Treblinka Dr. John McDermott, 1972. Concentration Camp Commandant, 1971 trial.

"If it is pointed out that "It is a wild contention the Jew is human, I then reject that newborn babies are persons." that totally." -- Dr. Michael Tooley, 1972. -- Reichstag speech, 1895.

"Whenever Jews are left to "A parasite can commit themselves, they bring brutal murder. What attention has misery and depravity. They Catholic thinking or the law are pure parasites." given to the fetus's capacity -- Reichsfuhrer A. Hitler, 1943. to murder its mother?" -- Dr. Natalie Shalness, 1968.

"The Jewish-Bolshevik "For the first four and Commissars personify a one-half months, the fetus is repulsive yet characteristic subhuman and relatively close subhumanity." to a piece of tissue." -- Dr. August Hirt, 1942. -- Amital Etzioni, Ph.D., 1976.

"Only persons of German or "The word 'person' as used related blood can be citizens; in the Fourteenth Amendment does this does not include Jews." not include the unborn." -- Reich Citizenship Law 410,2, -- Roe v. Wade , 1973. 1934.

"59,000 persons were "The uterus was evacuated." evacuated." -- Abortionist David Edelman, 1974. -- SS Report on the Warsaw Ghetto, June 1942.

"The Baron de Hirsch ghetto "The uterine cavity was emptied." would have to be emptied." -- Abortionist A.K. Mukerjee, 1973. -- Max Merten, 1943.

"... the removal of the "... remove the products of Jewish element." conception." -- Hans Frank, 1943. -- Abortionist Thomas Dillon, 1974.

"The treatment was admin- "... abortion as treatment for istered to the children of the the sexually transmitted disease Haar-Eglfing Institution." of unwanted pregnancy." -- Dr. Heinrich Pfannmuller, -- Abortionist Willard Cates 1945.

(Again let me remind the reader that even if these comparisons were merely circumstantial, the "Nazi eugenics" influence behind the abortion movement is well documented and direct, as we have seen throughout these files. - Wol.) Reference: Most of these quotes may be found in William Brennan. The Abortion Holocaust: Today's Final Solution . Order from Landmark Press, Post Office Box 13547, 1461 Dunn Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63138, or Life Issues Bookshelf, Sun Life, Thaxton, Virginia 24174, telephone: (703) 586-4898. 1983, 237 pages, $6.95.

On Pro-Lifers and Nazis.

"The ill-conceived 'love of neighbor' has to disappear, especially in relation to inferior or asocial creatures. It is the supreme duty of a national state to grant life and livelihood only to the healthy ... in order to secure the maintenance of a hereditarily sound and racially pure folk for all eternity. The life of an individual has meaning only in the light of that ultimate aim, that is, in the light of his meaning to his family and to his national state."

-- Dr. Arthur Guett, Nazi Director of Public Health.

Pro-Lifers = Nazis? Pro-abortion propagandists love to compare the pro-life movement to the Nazi movement. They do this for two reasons;

(1) to imply that pro-lifers are 'right-wing fanatics' who attempt to deprive others of their most fundamental rights (and the most well- known recent example is the Nazis), and

(2) to attempt to compare themselves to the most pitiful and well-known victims of recent times; the Jews, who were experimented upon and slaughtered like cattle, and whose bodies were stacked like cordwood by the Nazis.

(George Orwell called this "good is evil and evil is good" mentality DOUBLE THINK. - Wol.)

The Specific Allegations. The pro-aborts say that the Nazis banned abortion, just like the pro-lifers want to do. They say that "Hitler and his Nazis were anti-choice, too."

This is a catchy slogan, but, unfortunately (for the pro-aborts), it is entirely UNTRUE.

To begin with, the German Nazi Party bore all of the characteristics of a left-wing organization. Consider the name of the party: Nazis, which meant Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei , or National Socialist German Worker's Party!

Fascism is and always has been a leftist ideology. It is almost identical to National Socialism (Nazism), whereas international Socialism is generally referred to as Marxism. Adolf Hitler himself said on October 7, 1933 that "It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation, that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole."This is a brilliantly concise summary of "collectivism" (the German term), or 'Socialism' as it is now known.

Compare this philosophy to our latter-day attitudes, spoken in almost the same words by world-famous Harvard psychologist B.F. Skinner; "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are basic rights. But they are the rights of the individual and were listed at such a time when the literatures of freedom and dignity were concerned with the aggrandizement of the individual. They have only a minor bearing on the survival of a culture."

The ideologies of Mussolini's Fascists dovetailed very nicely with Nazism. In both systems, power was centralized, collective labor was promoted and urged, and unionization was considered one of the highest goods. Under Hitler's regime, public expenditures ballooned, and social welfare programs proliferated. One of the primary motivating factors in the early (pre-invasion) stages of aggressive German foreign policy was the need for more and more support for these programs. In fact, Hitler is still admired today by some left-wingers for his extraordinarily lavish and expensive social programs.

The Nazis progressively exerted a greater and greater degree of control over the people, and eventually used the fledgling German film industry to launch an extensive and pervasive propaganda campaign directed at the people. The primary focus of this campaign: individual rights and autonomy, the "right to privacy" and the "freedom of choice" ( Auswahlfreiheit ) while, at the same time, these rights were actually being eroded to an unprecedented degree.

The History of the Nazi Abortion Program.

"Once in power, the Nazis made "motherhood" into an official honor and abortion became a symbol of degeneracy."

-- Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States.

Introduction. When pro-abortionists allege that the Nazis were "anti- choice," they are mouthing a classic half-truth. Hitler and his eugenicist physicians banned abortion only for pureblooded Aryan women (who were a minority within German borders at the time).

Although the Nazis banned abortion for Aryan women, they enthu- siastically peddled and promoted abortion for non-Aryans. In fact, the Nazis mandated legalized abortion in several European countries for the first time. They recognized that abortion could be an extremely effective population control tool.

This is comparable to the current United States practice of "contra- ceptive imperialism;" pro-abortionists push very hard for funding for the United Nations Fund for Population Assistance, which in turn helps plan and direct the Chinese forced-abortion program. We also fund the distribution in other countries of abortifacients like Depo-Provera, which were banned in this country until very recently. And many of the intra-uterine devices that killed women in the United States and were subsequently pulled off the domestic market are now being shipped overseas in great quantities.

It is also interesting to note that pro-abortion American doctors and medical schools have recently either removed the prohibition against abortion from the Hippocratic Oath or have disavowed the Oath altogether. This action, of course, is part of the necessary program of preparation for medical horrors yet unknown to the public, including mass euthanasia, experimentation upon newborns, and genetic manipulation on a mass scale.

  The Nazis had to jettison the Oath as well, as described by Dr. Georg August Weltz, who was responsible for the hideous Nazi "cold experiments;" "The Hippocratic Oath ... is an honorable historical document, which, however, does not altogether fit present times. If it is to be applied today, the wording has to be exchanged very exten- sively, and in these reformulations a series of new oaths have been drawn up which have only a vague relationship to the ancient Hippo- cratic Oath ... a [theory of] medicine based on the principle of nil nocere [first, do no harm] is a very impoverished medicine, and we are unfortunately not in a position to carry on medicine on that simple principle today."

In summary, pro-abortionists calling pro-lifers "Nazis" are engaging in classic transference; they are labeling their opposition with the very qualities that they detest in themselves. The mechanisms and mani- festations of the transference tactic are described in Chapter 13 of Volume I.

The following paragraphs trace the history of the German abortion program.

The Planning Begins. Nazi physicians, ethicists, and planners had been greatly influenced by the thinking of American eugenicists, as described previously in this chapter. The Hegelian (utilitarian) "ethic" held by the eugenicists deemed that there was such a thing as human life not worth living. Once this initial assumption had been made, of course, the definition of "unworthy" inevitably expanded to suit the needs of those in power at the time.

This type of thinking dovetailed nicely with Hitler's developing philosophy. In his 1924 book Main Kampf , he wrote that the government had seven chief responsibilities. One of these was "... to maintain the practice of modern birth control. No diseased or weak person should be allowed to have children."

As early as the Summer of 1932, the leaders of the Nazi Party met in Munich to discuss population policy as it would be applied to non-Aryan peoples. Demographic and agricultural experts warned that the "tremendous biological fertility" of the Eastern European regions must be dealt with by the implementation of a rigidly-enforced depopulation policy (whose elements remarkably resemble the current coercive Chinese population program described in Chapter 50).

Hitler, who personally attended at this conference, warned that "What we have discussed here must remain confidential."

In 1933, the compulsory sterilization law for the mentally handi- capped and crippled went into effect. On October 8, 1935, the

Erbgesundheitgesetz -- "hereditary health laws" -- were promulgated. One of these laws legalized abortion for "just the hard cases" -- rape, incest, and if either parent had a hereditary disease that might lead to deformation of the fetus.

Hitler's Personal Views On Abortion. Over and over again, pro- abortionists tell us that Adolf Hitler enacted restrictive laws for "the protection of motherhood." This is absolutely true -- but only for Aryan motherhood. Once again, the pro-abortion liars are only telling a small portion of the story.

Adolf Hitler, were he living today, would make a superb pro-abortion propagandist. His views exactly paralleled those of the modern-day abortionists, who have tried hard to exterminate the Black race ever since Margaret Sanger's early birth control programs.

Hitler believed that rights only belong to those strong enough to defend them -- just as American pro-abortionists do. He insisted in Mein Kampf that the weak or small had "no inalienable right to life" ( Lebensrecht ) -- just as American pro-abortionists do. Those physicians who dared resist Hitler's program of abortion on demand for women of unfit race were labeled "reactionary" and "enemies of women" (miso-gynists) while those who supported the program were called "sensible" and "friends of women" -- the identical words used by American pro-abortionists today.

Poland's Martyrdom. The German Blitzkrieg ("lightning war") swept into Eastern European countries in 1939. The Nazi eugenicists and population planners were not far behind the tanks.

After the 1939 invasion of Poland, the "Reich Commission for Strengthening of Germandom" (RKFDV), an SS ( Schutzstaffel ) organization, issued the following policy statement on Nov- ember 25; "All measures which have the tendency to limit the births are to be tolerated or to be supported. Abortion in the remaining area of Poland must be declared free from punishment. The means for abortion and contraceptive means may be offered publicly without police restriction. Homosexuality is always to be declared legal. The institutions and persons involved professionally in abortion practices are not to be interfered with by police."

Until this time, abortion had been illegal in Poland. The Nazis introduced "safe and legal abortion" for the first time -- for the specific purpose of limiting the future Polish population. It is absolutely fasci- nating to note that the key slogan of this program was "Freedom of Choice!" ( Auswahlfreiheit ).

The German Ministry of the Interior reviewed and approved of this program in May 27, 1941, and, on October 19 of the same year, the Polish population program was put into action. Hitler's July 23 decree, described below, extended the identical policy of "contraceptives and abortion on demand" to the other parts of Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe.