by "One Who Knows"

[NOTE: The following information is taken from the tail end of a long series by an unknown author with "inside" information on a secret particle-beam "SDI/STAR WARS" conflict between the U.S. and Russian Space Agencies which resulted in the destruction of several U.S. spy satellites. I am reproducing here some interesting revelations concerning the Nazis... - Wol.] PROJECT PAPERCLIP

...For information about the Nazi scientists, I suggest you study material about Project Paperclip. (*Project Paperclip* by Clarence Lasby; *The Torbitt Document* by William Torbitt; *The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination* by Mae Brussell; etc.) A former member of that operation is a *good friend of mine.* Among the Germans (Austrians) involved in Paperclip was a *Communist spy named Henry Kissinger* -- you've heard of him, perhaps? (Adolph Hitler by the way was not Germ- an, he was Austrian! - Wol.)

Another German was Werner von Braun, who was brought to this country and became HEAD of the U.S. space program. Von Braun worked for a German general named Walter Dornberger, and had been an *SS Sturmbannfuhrer* since 1937. Dornberger was in charge of Peenemunde. At the end of the war, von Braun and 115 other German scientists 'surrendered' to the Americans and were brought to Fort Bliss, Texas (just across the state line from White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico).

In 1950 they were transferred to the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama. Col. Tom Bearden was a nuclear physicist at Redstone Arsenal. Von Braun's original security report said: "He was an SS OFFICER but no information is available to indicate that he was ardent Nazi. Subject is regarded as a potential SECURITY THREAT by the Military Governor."

Von Braun PLAYED DOWN his SS membership and said that it was only honorary, and that "his real reason for working in the Nazi missile program, he said, had been the potential usefulness of his machines in 'space travel'" (*Blowback,* p. 39).

Dornberger was convicted as a war criminal, then later was secretly brought to the U.S. at the request of von Braun to High Commissioner John J. McCloy. He went to work for Bell Aircraft (Bell Textron) where he worked on the space program as director of R&D (James "Bo" Gritz, *Called to Serve,* p. 511). He was also a special CIA consultant (*The Nazi Hunters,* p. 217).

Eventually he served on the board of several aerospace companies. He helped develop a nuclear powered trans-atmospheric vehicle (TAV). These vehicles began operating out of Area 51 in Nevada, and other places. Dornberger became a boss of Bell Aerospace Corporation and had about 30 former NAZI scientists working for him. A man named Stanton Friedman is going around the country saying he has worked on these type of nuclear propulsion systems. He sells videos with photos.

McCloy was Assistant Secretary of War and BLOCKED THE EXECUTIONS OF MANY NAZI WAR "CRIMINALS." He is the one who was overseer of the internment of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps in California. In 1949 he became High Commissioner in GERMANY and PARDONED convicted war criminals such as Alfred Krupp and Dr. Hjalmar Schact (who went to work for Aristotle Onassis).

He became legal counsel to the "Seven Sisters" oil companies, one of which was managed by the father of CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt who was a NAZI SPY in WW II. "George's cousin, the movie producer Baron Constantine Maydell, was one of the top GERMAN ABWEHR AGENTS in North America, and was recruited by (Reinhard) GEHLEN..." (Gritz, p. 538).


According to Col. Bo Gritz, former head of U.S. Army Special Forces for Latin America, "GENERAL REINHARD GEHLEN, Hitler's chief intelligence officer against the Soviet Union, had struck a deal with the 'Americans' (Called OPERATION SUNRISE) that was not, for obvious reasons, released to establishment media. The principal negotiators were ALLEN DULLES and William Casey of the OSS, Sir William Stephenson for the British, and SS GENERAL KARL WOLFF, head of the GESTAPO in Italy and former chief of Heinrich Himmler's personal staff" (p. 562).

Operation SUNRISE developed into Operation OVERCAST with General WALTER DORNBERGER and WERNER VON BRAUN, and then became Project PAPERCLIP, BLOODSTONE AND BELARUS, etc. (ibid.).

John McCloy, by the way, would later serve the Warren Commission and helped cover up the assassination of JFK. He became head of the World Bank, head of the [Rockefeller] Chase Manhattan Bank, head of the Ford Foundation, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, and co-author of *Freedom From War, The United States Program For General And Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World* (Department of State Publication 7277).

Von Braun had an assistant named Fred Wolff: "...that matter had been amply met through Dr. von Braun's suggestions (which Wolff sketched out quickly to receive von Braun's check)." *War For The Moon* by Martin Caidin, E.P. Dutton, 1959, chapter "Project Moon," p. 61 (this book was illustrated by Fred Wolff). Note above that the head of the Gestapo in Italy, Karl Wolff, was working with von Braun. Was Fred's name originally Karl, or was he a son? We are not talking Smith or Jones here, how many men named Wolff (spelled with two f's) that were close friends of von Braun were there in this very small organization?

Gehlen, von Braun and Dornberger continued to have considerable influence on American politics, as evidenced from this quote from *Blowback,* p. 64: "Gehlen also played a role in the creation of the famous missile gap of the 1950s. 'Gehlen provided us [the CIA] with specific reports on the Soviet ICBM program,' Victor Marchetti says. 'He said, "We have two reliable reports confirming this," and they [the Soviets] have just installed three missiles at that site,' et cetera, claiming that they had contacts among the German scientists captured by the Russians at the end of the war." The intelligence reports were transmitted to the Pentagon through interagency channels, and word about the alarming new development eventually leaked from there into the press.

"Walter Dornberger added fuel to this fire in 1955 by publishing alarming speculations that the Soviets might attack from the sea, using shorter-range missiles deployed in floating canisters off the coast of the United States. He was deeply involved in the United States' own ICBM program at this point, and his opinions were given considerable weight in public discussions."


On July 19, 1945, the Joint Chiefs of Staff approved a program called Operation Overcast. Under this program, 350 German scientists and technicians would be brought into the United States for a period of six months. The program was labeled Top Secret to keep it from the American public. (Ashman, Charles & Wagman, Robert J., *The Nazi Hunters,* Warner Books, p. 212.)

When the Nazi scientists were brought into the U.S., they were first put up at Camp Overcast. Camp Overcast was at WRIGHT FIELD...

Rabbi Stephen Wise, head of the American Jewish Congress, discovered that the wife of one of the Wright Field rocket team was a former Nazi Party official and in May 1946 said: "This operation [Paperclip, formerly called Overcast] is all the more deplorable at a time when officials of our government find every possible reason for failing to fulfill the declared policy of President Truman to rescue as many victims of the Nazi terror as our immigration laws permit... As long as we reward the former SERVENTS of Hitler while leaving his VICTIMS in DP camps, we cannot even pretend that we are making any real effort to achieve the aims we fought for..."

When the Germans were first brought into New York, "At Port Washing, they lived in comfortable conditions at a castle that had been build by the multi- millionaire Jay Gould. They soaked in marble bathtubs and ate in an imposing dining room" (p. 203, *American Swastika* by Charles Higham).

"In August 1945, General Walter Bedell Smith's private plane was used to fly Gehlen and five of his general staff to the American capital. They traveled in plain clothes, one of their members using a violin case for a suitcase. It is interesting to note that Bedell Smith was Eisenhower's chief of staff" (p. 260, *American Swastika*).

(Note: We must NEVER forget that the major financial support for the Nazi terror came from American 'Bavarian Illuminist' billionares like the Rockefellers! - Wol.)

On March 4, 1946, the operation was changed to Operation Paperclip, with NO LIMITS ON THE TIME OR TO THE NUMBER OF GERMANS.

Another German brought in, who was not a scientist, was Otto von Bolschwing. He was educated at the University of London and the University of Breslau. He joined the Nazi Party on April 1, 1932 and developed an import/export business, owned a coal mine, and was involved with several drug companies.

When the war broke out, he joined the SS and became an intelligence officer, working with the German branches of GENERAL ELECTRIC and STANDARD (later EXXON - Wol.) OIL. He was in charge of important funds that came through Nazi connections with ALLEN DULLES in the SCHROEDER BANKS of New York. In 1945 he was contacted by the Army CIC and in 1947 was a member of the GEHLEN ORGANIZATION. He came to the United States and got a job with Alfred Driscoll, former governor of NEW JERSEY and president of WARNER-LAMBERT drug company.

Later he joined the TRANSINTERNATIONAL COMPUTER INVESTMENT Corporation (TCI) in Silicon Valley, California and became vice-president of the company. Reinhard Gehlen worked for TCI during the time he was helping Richard Nixon run for President.


Those who studied the assassination of President Kennedy perhaps will recall that Lee Harvey Oswald's wife Marina was staying with Ruth Paine. On April 30, 1961, Oswald married Marina Pruskova in the Soviet Union. He wrote to U.S. Senator John Tower for help in returning to the United States, and it was granted. Remember, Oswald had denounced and left the United States, then he asked a U.S. Senator for help in returning, and got it! Why did he pick Tower to ask, and why did Tower help him? Tower took Lyndon Johnson's place in the Senate and later became head of the Armed Services Committee.

A special non-quota immigrant permit was issued for Oswald's wife. Oswald and Marina arrived in the U.S. on June 13, 1962 and went to Dallas. "He returned to Dallas on October 2, 1963, and was met by fellow CIA agents George de Mohrenschildt and Ruth and Michael Paine. Michael Paine worked for NAZI WAR CRIMINAL Gen. Walter Dornberger at BELL-TEXTRON in Dallas" (Gritz, p. 529). Next page -- "Most of Oswald's contacts in Dallas, in fact, were with persons hired by Dornberger."

The majority of people who testified about Oswald before the Warren Commission were carefully selected Dornberger associates. Gritz says of these very people: "Eastern European and Russian emigre groups supplied by Gehlen were the personnel initially trained for these missions at a special camp set up at Oberammergau in 1946, under the command of General Sikes and SS General Burckhardt, and with the assistance of Henry Kissinger and Lucius Clay. The camp held 5,000 anti-communist elements who were prepared there and called themselves "Special Forces" (p. 564).

This was the origin of the U.S. Army Special Forces and on the next page Gritz says: "Many of the remainder underwent special guerrilla training as Special Forces recruits at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and helped form the nucleus of the present-day Green Berets. They would later be quite at home at their first assignment -- the SS Bad Tolz Flint Kaserne in the heart of the BAVARIAN Alps."

And on page 566 Gritz says: "Gehlen's immediate staff of about 350 agents, in fact, were brought EN MASSE to the U.S. Army's Historical Division.

Almost all resistance to using NAZI WAR CRIMINALS to accomplish the CIA's MISSIONS seemed to have been overcome by the time Allen Dulles became Director in 1953." The NAZI SS Death's Head insignia was adopted as the symbol of the U.S. Army Special Forces (p. 567).

CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt's boss in the CIA was GEORGE BUSH. De Mohrenschildt had a close friend, John W. Mecom, who was one of the incorporators of the San Jacinto Fund which was used to launder BUSH'S drug money. ("Surreptitious Entry: The CIA's Operations in the United States," by Thomas B. Ross of the *Chicago Sun Times* in *The CIA File,* edited by Robert L. Borosage and John Marks [Viking, 1976], and quoted in *The Mafia, CIA & George Bush* by Pete Brewton, p. 317.)...

The Navy and Air Force were in charge of the U.S. missile programs when Russia launched its Sputnik satellite in October of 1957. Two weeks later, they launched the much larger Sputnik II which carried a dog into space. The Russians had put a six-ton package into orbit, while two months later the Navy tried to launch a three-and-half-pound grapefruit-size satellite on their Vanguard missile. It rose a grand height of four feet and blew up, on national television. Eisenhower was reminded about the little-known bunch of Nazis at Huntsville, so he gave them the go-ahead. Less than two months later, the (ex?) NAZIS put America's first satellite, Explorer I, into orbit on January 31, 1958.

"Sputnik forced two space agendas on the United States, one public, the
other TOP SECRET." (Burrows, William E., *Deep Black -- Space Espio-
nage And National Security,* Random House, 1986, p. 138.)
Reinhard Gehlen was head of the Nazi Abwehr spy organization during
WW II, and at the end of the war he approached the OSS and offered to
'work for them', with his team and records. They accepted and brought
many of his team into the U.S. under Projer Paperclip.
Gehlen remained chief of the West German Intelligence service until he
retired in 1968. Frank Wisner, who worked for Allen Welsh Dulles, was a
Wall Street lawyer who became head of Dulles' Secret Intelligence Branch
and was responsible for the Gehlen organization. Working with Wisner
were Harvard grad Harry Rositzke who worked in the same room with
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and Richard Helms, who later became Director
of the CIA in 1966.
One of Wisner's team was George Bookbinder, who later became Presi-
dent of the RAND Development Corporation. It was the Gehlen organization
that dug the famous Berlin tunnel. They, especially the RAND Corporation,
BECAME GOOD AT DIGGING TUNNELS (except they have not quite 
conquered that annoying "hum"!).  (This may explain the claims by Al 
Bielek and the late Phil Schneider that there are over 130 "New World 
Order" underground bases which have been constructed with the help of 
the Rockefellers as well as trillions of "Black Budget" dollars which have 
contributed immensely to the National Dept., with further funding coming 
from CIA Drug Operations, Illuminati-Nazi Corporate syndicates, etc.  
The RAND Corp. in cooperation with LOS ALAMOS is reportedly heavily 
involved in the construction of tunnels inter-connecting these underground 
"base-cities" using thermal-nuclear "boring" technology which cracks and
melts the rock and earth to incandescance and presses the liquid rock
into the peripheral cracks of the tunnel where it cools as the nuclear "drill" 
moves on through the earth, eliminating waste matter.  Today the most
advanced prototypes can reportedly excavate a tunnel at a rate of 5 miles
per hour.  According to Bielek a MAJOR underground terminal to this
"underground empire" can be accessed by personnel with the appropriate
"security clearances" through the sub-basements of the I.T.T. headquarters
in NEW JERSEY.  I.T.T. was very active in Germany during World War II,
and was created largely with the help of the German KRUPP family who
built munitions plants for Adolph Hitler and later helped to finance the 
CIA-NAZI "Montauk Mind-Control Projects" in an underground facility 
below the "abandoned" military base at Montauk Point, Long Island during 
the 1980's.  This headquarters of this Nazi project was later transferred to 
the "M.A.L.T.A." underground base in the Alsace-Lorraine Mts. of Germany, 
although the CIA-NAZI activity still continues in secret below Montauk Point 
as of the mid 1990's, according to some sources. - Wol.)...
Bo Gritz, in *Called To Serve,* tells that Khun Sa tried to STOP the [Viet
Nam] drug trade and was forced to continue by the Americans (that is, by
the CIA who were using 'Golden Triangle' drug traffiking to finance covert
operations.  THIS is why, according to James Bo Gritz, the 'government'
refuses to recognize the existance of any living American POW's -- simply
because the CIA fears that some of the POWs have or had intimate know-
ledge of the the top secret CIA drug operations in Southeast Asia. - Wol)...
The man in charge of the CIA Vietnam drug operation was Richard Armi-
tage, who later became Assistant Secretary of Defense. Armitage shipped
the drugs to Manuel Noriega in Panama, who shipped them to George
Bush, head of the CIA and later President, at Bush's drug bases in Mena,
Arkansas, Homestead Air Force Base in Florida, and through the Zapata
and Black Rose and such Bush family operations.
Armitage had a best friend named Erich von Marbod, also a Gehlen Organi-
zation person and a 'friend' of Bo Gritz. At the end of the war in Vietnam,
"he [Armitage] and Erich secreted tons of munitions in strategic caches
around Southeast Asia. Erich's friends read like a global Who's Who. He
was a best friend to the Shah of Iran. He is also very close to James Schle-
singer, who was appointed Director of the CIA by Richard Nixon in Dec-
ember 1972. Schlesinger later became Secretary of Defense from 1973-
1975 and Secretary of the Department of Energy from 1977-1979" (Gritz,
p. 300). Erich "...was a protege of Henry Kissinger."
On page 572 of his book, Gritz says: "The Indonesian campaign marked
the entry of the CIA into large-scale operations, and although it was a
failure, the more the Agency failed in the future, the more it grew and
prospered. Oddly enough, the man who had helped back Dulles and Frank
Wisner [remember, Wisner was over Gehlen's Nazi spy network] on the
campaign was Richard Nixon."
In 1969, Richard Nixon was in California campaigning and one of his cam-
paign supporters was Reinhard Gehlen, former Nazi head of the German
Secret Service (Abwehr). Gehlen was with a high-tech firm called TCI
(Transinternational Computer Investment Corp.) that worked on classified
Defense Department projects. His translator for German projects was
Helene von Damme, who was also Governor Ronald Reagan's personal
appointments secretary and personal secretary to Reagan when he be-
came President. Von Damme later became U.S. Ambassador to Austria.
Von Damme was former secretary to the Nazi German High Command.
William Donovan, head of OSS, and Allen Dulles, head of OSS in Europe
under Donovan (who later became head of the CIA until President Kennedy
fired him -- it was said that he told Kennedy, "You can't fire me, you don't
even know who I work for!"), and J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, brought
Reinhard Gehlen and his Abwehr spy group into the United States. One
of the men involved was counter-intelligence officer William P. Clark. Clark
married Werner von Braun's niece, Joan von Braun (Brauner). Clark at one
time was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (reportedly a cover
for the Bavarian Illuminati. - Wol.)
Clark moved to San Luis Obispo in California and joined Ronald Reagan.
He became President Reagan's National Security Advisor on the National
Security Council. A suit was filed in Southern California naming William
Clark as being involved in the Kennedy assassination. Researchers Mae
Brussell, William Torbitt, District Attorney Garrison, and others say
Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Werner von Braun, and Walter Dorn-
berger were involved in the Kennedy assassination. Also involved were
Richard Nixon, George Bush and Allen Dulles...
Dick Russell in *The Man Who Knew Too Much* is one of the researchers
with many details of the involvement of Nixon, Bush, and Dulles and said,
"Willoughby was in regular correspondence with Allen Dulles -- before JFK
fired Dulles -- and with ex(?) Nazis who ran the CIA's European-based spy
network" (p. 707).
Gehlen was responsible for reviving the Nazi German General Staff after
the war by placing his agent Adolph Heusinger in charge of the German
General Staff. *Der Spiegel* said: "It is quite true that General Gehlen had
engaged the former Chief of Wehrmacht Opertions for a purpose other than
his espionage service. The West German spy boss did not at that time
think of confining himself to merely collecting and sifting information. Two
years before Adenauer offered soldiers to the Allies, General Gehlen was,
with General Heusinger, already engaged in assembling a new general
staff high command." (*Der Spiegel,* Feb. 29, 1956.)
The Heusinger Wehrmacht were involved in the space race (remember, it
was the Germans who started rockets, "flying discus," etc.).  (You may
have wondered why Wernher Von Braun who headed NASA, and Kurt Davis
who headed the Marshall Space Flight Center -- both of which were Nazi
S.S. agents -- have worked to keep the U.S. Space Program from returning
to the moon in an open capacity?  Perhaps they DON'T WANT "U.S." TO IN-
TERFERE with or know of the operations of the Bavarian Alt.003 / Antarctican
space projects which emerged from the Nazi "saucer" projects of World War
II?  The only agencies that they may seem to allow to interact with their covert
space operations, aside from the corporate fascists who sponsor them, seem
to be the CIA, the NSA, MJ-12 and the KGB, and this may only be because
of the fact that the Bavarians ultimately CONTROL those agencies. - Wol.)
The book *Heusinger of the Fourth Reich* by Charles R. Allen, Jr., said: "The
conservative columnist Edgar Ansel Mower on September 28, 1962 reported
that the West German newspaper *Die Welt* of Hamburg devoted a lengthy
series to the vigorous efforts being made by the West German Defense
Ministry to perfect 'death rays' (LASERS) which, when fired from a space
TAKE EXACTLY 1.3 SECONDS TO KILL." (*Long Island Daily Press,* Sept-
ember 28, 1962). Note they were talking, in 1962, of lasers from a Moon
Ray Renick says: "The American headquarters of the GEHLEN Organization
is in SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY. The main office is called "Eagles Nest."
Many public officials, judges, supervisors and law enforcement personnel
are personal friends and business associates (in drug trafficking, no less)
with the Gehlen Organization and "Eagles Nest." Judge William P. Clark
and Mrs. Joan Clark (nee von Braun, Brauner) are the executives behind the
Gehlen Organization, "Eagles Nest" and the ZAPATA Cattle Company's
drug trafficking interest. [The cattle are brought in from Mexico. Cattle have
four stomachs.] Ronald Reagan is a slient partner in the San Luis Obispo
cattle/drug business. Remember, Clark was one of the original architects
of "Project Paperclip"! The Zapata Cattle Company is affiliated with George
Bush's Zapata Oil Company of Houston, Texas (REF: "The SLO Connection,"
Barrons article "The Mexican Connection") - Sept. 19, 1988.
A major law firm for the Gehlen Organization is "Sinsheimer, Schiebelhut,
and Baggett".
The GEHLEN Organization, copying Hitler's New Order, established a con-
centration camp system in San Luis Obispo County. It was called the Cali-
fornia Specialized Training Institute. It developed plans called the *King Alfred
Plan, Operation Cable Splitter, Operation GARDEN PLOT,* (which involved
the planned incitation of civil race wars in America as a pretext for justifying
the establishment via Executive Orders of total martial law and a police state.
- Wol.) and *REX-84* and was later renamed as the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA). You can get more information on these sub-
jects from [the] Militia of Montana, Bo Gritz, *Spotlight Newspaper,* etc.
Also brought in under *Paperclip* was Henry Kissinger. The U.S. Army 44th
CIC and 970th CIC Detachments negotiated the surrender of the German Army 
in Northern ITALY and AUSTRIA in Operation Sunrise from which Paperclip
took over. Later the VATICAN provided documents AND HELP for many Nazis
to escape to South America, including Martin Bormann. 
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands created a group that became known as
the Bilderbergers. Many "conservative" researchers have come to recognize
the Bilderbergers as an important force for the "New World Order." What 
they probably don't know, though, is that BERNHARD WAS A FORMER NAZI 
SS STORM TROOPER!  (Note: Since the Bildebergers, according to former
British Intelligence agent John Coleman, serve as a BINDING force between
the three major 'one world government' forces -- the Wicca Masons; the
Black Nobility descendants of the early Roman emperors; and the Maltese
Jesuits... each of which have 13 respective representatives on the 39-member
Bildeberger board -- and since a Nazi SS stormtrooper was responsible for
developing this "New World Order" coordination council, and since Adolph
Hitler's second book was titled [believe it or not] "The New World Order";
then ask yourself... WHO is really in control?  I would suggest that the
real "controllers" are those Bavarian-Nazi "Huns" and their devil-worshipping
Babylonian "mystery" cults which are directly descended from the ancient
pre-Germanic secret societies which controlled the Roman military machine 
and, in turn, decided who would sit upon the Roman Emperial throne.  No 
wonder Adolph Hitler's dream -- and that of his predecessors the "Kaisers", 
a literal German translation of "Ceasars" -- was the REVIVAL OF THE 
Some of the *Paperclip* surrender operation personnel included Theodore
Shackley and Heide Kingsbury (daughter of General Galland, designer of the
Messerschmidt ME 262). Kingbury became secretary and court transcriber
to Judge William Clark. Shackley became head of Operation *Phoenix* in
Vietnam (Laos). Shackley was head of JM Wave, code name of the CIA
Miami office during the Bay of Pigs and Kennedy assassination events
(Furiati, p. 41). (Furiati, Claudia, *ZR Rifle -- The Plot To Kill Kennedy And
Castro,* Ocean Press, Victoria, Australia, 1994. From declassified Cuban
records of the Kennedy assassination.)
For more information see *Reinhard Gehlen, Master Spy* (I can't find my
copy at the moment and don't remember the author). In 1968, after the
Kennedy assassination, Gehlen retired to his chalet in BAVARIA. The chalet
was a gift from Allen Dulles. *The General Was A Spy* by Heinz Hohne and
Hermann Zolling, *Project Paperclip* by Clarence Lasby, *Shootdown* by
R.W. Johnson (tells about Clark's involvement in the shootdown of Korean
Airlines 007), *Project Paperclip* by Ray Renick, and the *Torbitt Document*
by William Torbitt are all resources for more information.