[Note: The following are excerpts from a 'WIDE SPECTRUM
CHRONOLOGICAL DATABASE' (WSCD) originally compiled by
Nevada Aerial Research (later 'Leading Edge Research'., P.O. Box
7530.,  Yelm, WA   98597).  A few of the installments have been 
updated with information from other researchers.  The six-digit number 
preceding each installment indicates YYMMDD or year-month-day. 
- Wol.]
     130000 - Congress grants Federal Reserve System to insure
deficit spending goes on.
     140000 - Adolph Hitler 'dreams' of Germany's greatness in
the world.
     210721 - Council on Foreign Relations formed.
     240000 - American [Bavarian Illuminati backed] bankers form 
I.G. Farben chemical cartel in Germany.
     240510 - J. Edgar Hoover assumes control of FBI.
     280000 - T. Townsend Brown discovers electrogravitic
capacitance effect.
     291000 - U.S. undergoes economic collapse, planned by the
Bavarian Illuminati.
     300000 - Dr. Henry Coanda begins work on Lenticular Aeroform
     320000 - U.S. Navy discovers that Pearl Harbor is vulnerable.
     330000 - Adolf Hitler Takes power.   All outstanding German
scientists forced to work in Nazi laboratories.
     330400 - Roosevelt orders U.S. off gold standard.  Americans
turn in gold under fine.
     340000 - Germans producing pilotless aircraft.
     350000 - German research program on aerial warfare advances
by spectacular leaps.
     350100 - German experimental rocket research at Reinickendorf
and Kummersdorf West.
     350600 - American named Wilson [whose non-traditional theories 
on aerodynamics are rejected by the American government and 
established scientific organizations as unrealistic] comes to aid 
German aerial research programs.
     350622 - Research at Reinickendorf and Kummersdorf West
moved to Thuringia.
     360000 - Standard Oil Company [which later becomes EXXON] 
builds refinery in Germany.
     370000 - BROOKHAVEN research labs succeed in teleporta-
tion of single-element item.  Germans recover crashed disk.  Work
begins on German disk program based on recovered 'alien' tech-
     380000 - Standard [EXXON] Oil sends I.G. Farben 500 tons of 
lead additive for gasoline.
     380517 - Naval Expansion Act.
     390000 - BROOKHAVEN labs succeed in teleporting multi-
element items.  Germans working on mini-television for bomb / 
rocket guidance.
     390802 - Einstein tells FDR of A-bomb opportunity.
     390802 - Germany and Soviets sign PACT against Poland.
     390901 - Germany invades Poland.
     390901 - Soviets invade Poland.
     400800 - National Guard voted into service for one year.
     400900 - Selective Service Act.
     410000 - Germans test Schriever-Habermohl Model I prototype
flying disk or lenticular airfoil.  Model II in 1944.
     410600 - Germany successfully tests Schriever disk design.
     410800 - I.G. Farben tests Zyklon B gas.
     411000 - Washington advised of Japanese intent to attack
Pearl Harbor by Russian R. Sorge.
     411107 - Secretary of State Hull tells Roosevelt that there
will be a war with Japan.
     411207 - Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.
     420000 - Roosevelt declares war on Japan.
     420000 - Government forcibly moves 110,000 Japanese
Americans to detention camps.  German 'fireballs' harass allied
pilots and aircraft.
     420225 - [German?] UFOs appear over Los Angeles.  1,430
rounds fired against them.  Some on the ground killed or wounded
by unexploded anti-aircraft shells.
     421202 - First 'modern' nuclear chain reaction produced at
University of Chicago.
     430000 - U.S. plans for atomic bomb transferred to Soviets
during Lend Lease program.  CIA's Allen Dulles cuts a deal with
Nazi SS intelligence.  Germans complete research on alloy of
magnesium and aluminum.  Roosevelt decides to share atomic
secrets with Soviets.  U.S. ships Soviet Union 1 KG of uranium.
     440000 - OSS agent Douglas Bazata receives contract on
George Patton's life.  Feuerball aircraft constructed at aeronautical
factory at Wiener Neustadt.  Germans test Bellonzo-Schriever-
Meithe designs based on Coanda disk.  James Forrestal becomes
Secretary of the Navy.
     440300 - Wilson replaces German saucer [rotor] propulsion
with advanced jet propulsion.
     440613 - V-1 rockets fall on England.
     440720 - Attempted assassination of Hitler.
     440906 - V-2 rockets fall on England.
     441000 - Soviet Army advances through nations of eastern
     441123 - Allied pilots run into 'fireballs' over Strasbourg.
     450000 - Both L.F.A. at Volkenrode and center at Guidonia
working on disk craft.  Yalta Conference: [Illuminati?] Roosevelt
& Stalin plan Korean and Vietnamese wars.  Col. Albert Boyd,
Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, takes charge of Flight Test
Division.  Harry Truman becomes president.  Soviets gain some
German disk data (and apprehend?) Dr. Guenther Bock.  United
States captures some German disk technology and scientists.
British technical advisor discovers German plans for advanced
lenticular aircraft.
     450200 - Kugelblitz (crew-carrying Fireball) test flown in
Thuringia, reached speeds of 1250 mph.
     450214 - Japanese offer to surrender through USSR, U.S.
refuses offer.
     450216 - Kugelblitz tested near Kahla, disk-shaped, 1250
mph.  Germans begin to transfer saucer projects to South Polar
underground bases.
     450223 - Perfected engines removed from Kugelblitz and sent
to polar base.  Kugelblitz, minus engines, blown up by SS person-
nel to prevent the design from falling into the hands of the Allies.
     450225 - Workers at Kahla complex brought to Buchenwald 
and gassed so as not to reveal secret of Nazi disk projects.  Kahla
closed.  Slavian slave-laborers from various underground facilities
also taken to Karshagan and other camps and killed.
     450400 - General Hans Kammler disappears from Germany.
     450412 - President Roosevelt dies.
     450420 - Hitler's birthday.
     450425 - Gen. Kammler joins Wilson and Gen. Nebe on U-977
bound for South Pole.
     450507 - Germany surrenders.
     450600 - Japanese offer again to surrender, U.S. refuses.
     470716 - First atomic bomb explodes in New Mexico.
     450802 - Potsdam Conference.
     450806 - Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima by United States.
     450808 - Russia [bravely] declares war on Japan.
     050809 - Atomic weapons used against Japanese at Nagasaki.
     450815 - Japan surrenders to United States.
     460000 - America turns 2/3rds of Germany's aircraft manufac-
turing over to Soviets.  Nazis help form CIA operations division
with Rockefeller assistance.  Imported SS intelligence officers help
form Radio Liberty and Voice of America.  Gen. Hoyt Vandenburg
becomes director of CIA.  U.S. and Canada begin joint disk develop-
ment programs in underground plants.
     460600 - Cigar shaped antigravity craft swarm over Scandinavia.
     460726 - Truman signs National Military Establishment Act.
Creates NSC, CIA.
     470000 - CIA Mind-Control drug project begins at Bethesda
Naval Hospital.  German disks start flyovers over United States.
National Security Act.  CIA begins to monitor UFOs.  Admiral
Roscoe Hillenkotter becomes director of CIA.  Joseph Bryan II
becomes Chief of CIA Psych Warfare Staff (until 1953).
     470100 - Operation Highjump begins at South Pole to find the
German Bases.  Military Commander Admiral Richard E. Byrd
leads 4000 troops in reconnaissance over Antarctica, and
encounters resistance from 'Aryan' [German/Austrian] saucer 
fleets.  Apparent casualties on both sides.
     470600 - U.S. [CIA?] tests own disks over Mt. Rainier, WA (!?).
     470624 - Kenneth Arnold reports seeing 9 disks at 9200 feet
and 1700 mph, 40-50' dia., shortly after his involvement with the
Maurey Island / Tacoma investigation [six UFOs, and men-in-black,
sighted] following which a reporter, and two Army G-2 agents carry-
ing 'slag' samples to Wright-Patterson AFB, die mysteriously.  Some
of the same names connected to Maurey Island, Fred. L. Crisman
in particular, mysteriously turn up years later in connection with the
J. F. Kennedy assassination.  Maurey Island later considered pos-
sible experimental test of Nazi - Project Paperclip - CIA antigrav
     470712 - Kenneth Arnold Statement.
     470917 - James Forrestal appointed Secretary of Defense.
     470923 - Secret briefing to Gen. Schulgen from Lt. Gen. Twining
says disks are real.
     470924 - Covert operation 'Majestic-12' or 'MJ-12' is established
by Truman to control UFO [Nazi, etc.,] situation.
     471100 - Dr. Henri Coanda invited to Wright Field to explain his
     471209 - Truman approves NSC-4 Coordination of Foreign
Intelligence Info Measures.
     480107 - TS Report 100-203-79, p.12, sec.K: Death of National
Guard jet pilot Capt. Thomas Mantell who chased UFO.  Mysterious
holes perferating wreckage and body suggest the jet was attacked.
     490313 - Truman orders Federal officials to withhold loyalty
info from Congress.
     480325 - Army OSI and IPU put on alert and ADC Activated.
     481205 - to 490106: Disk craft observed over A.E.C. plant at
Los Alamos, N.M.
     490000 - Soviet Union detonated their first public atom bomb.
CIA Act of 1949.  German disks again fly over United States.
Department of Special Studies moved from Wright-Patterson to
Kirtland AFB, N.M.
     490106 - Rocket shaped (cylindrical) object sighted near Los
Alamos, N.M.
     490113 - [Nazi?] craft frequent sensitive installations in New
     490302 - Secretary of Navy and later Secretary of State James
Forrestal asked to resign by Truman for not going along with the
     490400 - White House sends Forrestal to Bethesda Navel
Hospital because of supposed 'mental' problems.  Dr. Raines
involved.  3,000 pages of Forrestal diaries locked up in White
House for a year.
     490522 - Secretary Forrestal's brother, who believes that
James is being held there unjustly and against his will, contacts
the hospital on the 21st and tells them that he intends to take
his brother out of the hospital the following day.  Before his brother
arrives James Forrestal (MJ-3) dies after 'falling' 16 floors from the
asylum window.  As he falls some claim they hear him scream
"we're being invaded!"  His death is officially labeled a 'Suicide'.
Other sources claim two CIA agents entered his room, tied a bed-
sheet around his neck and to a fixture in the room, and threw him
out the window whereupon the bedsheet ripped and the former
Secretary of the Navy fell to his death.
     500000 - Canadian Scientist Wilbert Smith states to Sarbacher
that UFOs exist.  German disks again overfly United States.  Esti-
mated world surface population at 2.5 billion.  Smith, a Canadian,
reports that aerial disks are the most classified subject in the USA.
Gen. Walter Bedell Smith becomes director of CIA.  World center
of power is New York.
     500211 - McCarthy asks Truman to revoke order to withhold
loyalty info.
     500322 - Canadian DOT announces plans to build geomagnetic
     500801 - Gen. Walter B. Smith fills Forrestal's vacant MJ-3
position.  Magestic 12 originally consists of 12 members designated
MJ-1 through MJ-12.  Later more members are assigned.
     500923 - McCarthy charges Roosevelt planned future conflicts
in Korea and Vietnam at Yalta conference.
     510000 - Construction of underground base at Groom Lake/
Dreamland Nevada begins.
     510410 - Truman relieves General MacArthur of his command
and replaces him with Gen. Ridgeway, a CFR member.  MacArthur
earlier disobeys U.N. directives by initiating a secret attack on the
Communist stronghold at Inchon [leading to a quick end of the war],
after he and other military leaders suspected the pro-Communist
U.N. officials of betraying their battle plans to the North Koreans.
Truman goes into hiding for two weeks following MacArthur's return,
fearing that the highest-ranking military general in the United States
will arrest him for Treason.  Truman was initiated as a 'High Archon'
in the Illuminati degrees existing above and beyond the 33rd degree
of Scottish Rite Masonry.
     510800 - Project Artichoke (Mind-Control) name assigned to
Project Bluebird.
     52-'55 - Rise in 'contactee' encounters.  Many of the contactees
such as George Adamski, William Dudley Pelley, George Hunt
Williamson and others found to have pro-fascist ties with American
Nazi movements [see: MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION, by Jacques
Vallee], similar to the fascist ties and leanings of the 1990's "Ashtar"
UFO cults.  Contactee Reinholt Schmidt and other Nebraskans claim
encounters with disk pilots who speak and act like German soldiers.
Schmidt claims 'they' take him to secret chambers below the Great
Pyramids of Gizeh.
     520929 - NATO Exercise 'Operation Mainbrace' interrupted by
[Nazi?] UFOs.
     521101 - First test explosion of Hydrogen bomb on remote
island, makes Atom bomb pale by comparison.
     521104 - NSA: Presidential Executive Orders exempts NSA
from all laws.  National Security Agency imputed with even more
power and influence than CIA.
     530000 - Dwight Eisenhower becomes president.  Eisen-
hower appoints Nelson Rockefeller to group on Govt. reorgani-
zation.  [Rockefeller in collaboration with Nazi infiltration units
originally established MJ-12, the NSA and CIA as fronts for Bav-
arian Intelligence, a 'secret government' within the Constitutional
government.  Testing of LSD on agency personnel proposed by
OSI.  Allan Dulles, CIA Director, approves mind control project
MKDELTA.  Hynek sits on CIA's Robertson Panel.  Entire German-
disk-duplication project goes underground.  Thomas Townsend
Brown gives Air Force demo of his electrogravity effect.  NSA
James Moseley comes up with 'Earth-made devices' theory.
First government disk duplication projects succeed.  Work with
Canadian government on aerial disks continues.
     540121 - First atomic powered submarine, Nautilus, launched
in public.
     540422 - McCarthy hearings begin to root out Communist
     540517 - Eisenhower issues Executive Order prohibiting
testimony from Executive branch without permission.
     541010 - Wilhelm Reich turns 'cloudbuster' experimental
device towards UFOs, with adverse effects on the electro-
magnetic operational systems of the crafts.  UFOs retali-
ate, but the 'cloudbuster' prevails.
     550000 - Mind control drugs given to subjects in normal
settings by CIA (139 different drugs).
     550300 - NSC 5412/1 group formed.  Planning Coordination
Group.  Nelson Rockefeller is head.
     551100 - Kissinger chosen as director of 'Jason Group' under
NSC 5411.
     560000 - Captain Ruppelt published 'Report on Unidentified
Flying Objects' and states that Germans have extremely advanced
air vehicles.  CIA memo authorizes use of drugs on inmates of
     561100 - Study group under Kissinger 'publicly' closed.
Cover: Quantico group.
     570502 - McCarthy dies at Bethesda Naval Hospital.
     571004 - Soviets launch Sputnik.
     571103 - Wilhelm Reich murdered in Lewisburg, PA.
     580000 - International Geophysical Year.  Poles surveyed.
John Birch Society founded by Robert Welch.  RAND Corporation
conference on Deep Underground Construction.
     580925 - Victor Schauberger, implosion vortex scientist
who developed several 'implosion' engines for Nazi lenticular
or disk shaped aircraft, dies in Linz, Germany.
     590000 - 'Avro VZ-9, System 606A' disc test flown.
     600000 - Translator for Eichmann's boss becomes Reagan's
personal secretary in California.  Project Aquarius (NSA) initiated.
Edward Ruppelt dies of a heart attack.
     601204 - Dr. Henry Wang, German disk researcher, dies at 54
yrs old.
     610000 - John F. Kennedy becomes president.  Bay of Pigs
     610100 - CIA backed invasion of Cuba fails.
     620000 - Many disks observed around Dulce, New Mexico.
Nazi's may be involved there to some degree as well as CIA-NSA
involvement and a multi-leveled base where antigrav, biogenetic,
psi-warfare, and mind-control research is being carried out to the
extreme.  Bilderbergers meet.
     620522 - Top secret space probe lands on Mars and confirms
existence of partial atmosphere.
     630000 - Kennedy issues ultimatum to MJ-12 member Gordon
Gray, says he's going to spill the beans on the whole mess [CIA
disk projects, international drug traffiking, mind control, etc.] and
inform the public.  Kennedy threatens to 'dismember' the CIA.
     631122 - President Kennedy murdered in a fascist coup d'etat
attempt carried out by the CIA, Mafia and Scottish Rite Masons
connected with the Secret Service and MJ-12; their man Lindon
Johnson becomes President.
     640000 - Warminster England Mind Control Experiments begin.
Bilderbergers meet.
     640500 - 'The Invisible Government' CIA expose published.
     640917 - Government releases Warran Commission report to
explain away Kennedy death.
     650318 - Soviets fake spacewalk by Leoniv.
     650826 - Foreign Technology Division reviews work of Bruce
Cathie concerning planetary electromagnetic grid system.
     660000 - U.S. Intelligence agencies use Eraser Chemicals to
erase memory of people.  SR-71 Blackbird aircraft designed and
built.  NORAD opens an underground base in Cheyenne Mountain,
CO.  Magnevox Labs in California displays 3-D television.  Warmin-
ster, England Mind Control experiments continue.  Bilderbergers
meet: Kissinger, Palme, Ford, Schmidt.  NASA R&D budget $572
million.  Ronald Reagan elected governor of California.  Gallup poll
indicates 8 million Americans had seen a UFO[s].
     670000 - Large shipment of gold leaves Fort Knox, public doesn't
know that their national gold 'reserves' are being secretly depleted
by one-world national socialist agents working in U.S. government.
Gold at Fort Knox replaced with gold-plated lead bars, making it the
biggest heist in history.  Rockefellers involved.  James MacDonald
becomes critical of Air Force and the CIA.
     671000 - Britain hit by wave of aerial disks.
     690000 - Nixon becomes president.  U.S. Army Language School
research produces Brain Nullifier device.
     690528 - Eisenhower dies of heart attack.
     690720 - Public views Neil Armstrong land on the Moon.
     691000 - Jimmy Carter sees and reports a UFO.
     691203 - Maj. Keyhoe gets ousted from his NICAP position by
CIA infiltrators, and is replaced by John Acuff.
     700000 - Estimated world surface population at 3.6 billion.
Bilderbergers meet.
     701016 - Jesuit pawn Trudeau suspends Canadian Bill of Rights,
and establishes search without warrant.
     710000 - Large shipment of gold leaves Fort Knox.  NASA R&D
budget at $44 million.  Bilderbergers meet.
     710400 - Bilderberger meeting at Woodstock, Vermont.  Kissinger
and Rockefeller attend.
     710418 - Howard Hughes dies.
     710600 - CIA 'critic' James E. MacDonald drives into desert
and 'shoots himself.'
     720000 - Central Security Service (CSS) (NSA) created.  CIA
Mind-Control Project at Bethesda Naval Hospital 'ends'.
     720528 - First Watergate Hotel breakin.
     720612 - Scientist Rene Hardy, UFO proponent, found dead
by 'suicide'.
     720617 - Watergate breakin occurs.
     721226 - Truman dies.
     740000 - Gerald Ford becomes President.  Nelson Rockefeller
becomes Vice-president.  Soviets begin research into weather
modification based on Teslan scientific theories.
     750000 - UFOs frequent nuclear missile sites.  Primitive enceph-
alographic mind-reading machine tested at Stanford Research
Institute.  Bilderbergers meet.
     75-'78 - Project Gabriel: Development of Sonic weapon derived
from Nazi technology.
     751105 - Travis Walton gets abducted by UFO in front of
several woodsmen, and turns up 5 days later.  All pass polygraph
     760000 - CIA document released, say Ultrasonics research
lasted 20 years.  Skull & Bones member George Bush becomes
director of CIA.  NICAP begins its downward financial slide.  Soviets
have 4 ground-based weather modification transmitters.  Dulce,
New Mexico area begins to experience intense animal mutilations.
NASA R&D budget $121 million.
     760426 - Top Secret directive NSC-4A issued 'authorizing'
covert psych activities.
     760500 - Two hundredth year following the resurgence of the
Egypto-Roman Illuminati in the form of [Jesuit] Adam Weishaupt's
'Bavarian' Illuminati.
     770000 - Freedom of Information Act established, many
subsequent documents released proving Air Force-CIA-NSA interest
in [and development of] UFO's.  Intelligence branch of Royal Air
Force stops publishing statistical reports.  Jimmy Carter becomes
President.  Green Beret veteran William English analyses 'Grudge
13' report at Chicksands, UK.
    780000 - Magazine 'Harrisburg' predicts 3-mile island incident
for Mar. 28, 1979.  U.S. sends F-16 to NATO allies on Soviet ships.
NSA employee provides CIA NICAP Chief Acuff with Classified
documents.  NICAP CIA Chief Jack Acuff sells NICAP lists to
NeoNazi 'Samisdat' organization in Canada.
     780619 - Carter issues unconstitutional Executive Order creating
     780908 - Researcher and scientist Paul Bennewitz discovers
unusual government, aerial and underground activity in Jiccarilla
Apache Reservation near Dulce, N.M. [Archuleta plateau].  Also
sightings of unusual 'atomic spacecraft', helicopter pads, black CIA
limos, black choppers, hundreds of armed special forces who dis-
appear into the cliffs when approached, mini-lab vans, etc.
     790000 - Scientist Henry Montieth attends Animal 'Mute' Confer-
ence in N.M.  Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan visits NORAD.
NICAP chief John Acuff ousted and replaced by retired CIA agent
Hall.  CIA executive Victor Marchetti states UFOs are sensitive &
not discussed.  Employee at Dulce Facility -- Thomas Edwin Castello
-- takes photos/videos/notes and flees, 6 copies of everything is made
before he goes into hiding.  His wife and child are abducted by agents
before he can reach them however.  'Mutilation' Conference organized
by Senators Smith and Domenici.
     790328 - 3-mile island incident occurs.
     791100 - British researcher Timothy Good told by Alan Holt
that NSA screens films before releasing them to NASA.
     800000 - F.E.M.A. relocates Cuban refugees as relocation
exercise.  Reagan changes NORAD to 'Aerospace Defense'.
     800100 - Peter Gersten secures two UFO-related documents
from NSA under FOIA.  Reference to 239 documents which could
not be released because of 'national security' restrictions.
     800800 - Intrusions by aerial disks at Manzano Weapons
Storage area at Kirtland AFB, N.M., filmed by Paul Bennewitz.
     801100 - Paul Bennewitz still being monitored by NASA
with assistance from Fugate Miller.
     801126 - SA Doty receives call from Senator Schmidt of N.M.
Asks OSI's role in connection with Bennewitz.
     801229 - Cash-Landrum incident.  Government 'UFO' causes
radiation damage to witnesses.  UFO seen with 23 choppers sur-
rounding it.
     810000 - Inauguration of Ronald Reagan as President.  Stealth
F117A Fighter first test flown.  University of Florida working on
Thought operated computers.  Dr. Childers.  Project Stigmata (TX)
receives memo on Grudge 13 report/data.  NASA R&D budget at
$109 million.  Reagan shot in 'assassination' attempt.  George Bush
becomes Vice-president.
     811000 - Dr. John Coleman, former British Intelligence worker,
exposes the Illuminati-Club of Rome connection, as well as the
'Black Nobility' [old-line European families who claim to be des-
cended from early Roman Emperors] who run a secret global combine
of international financial control and manipulation; and their use of
Alchemy and bacteria-virulogical warfare and designer 'plagues' as
part of attempts to deplete world population and bring it down to a
'controlable' minimum -- in preparation for a national socialist "New
World Order".
     820000 - Peter Gersten files petition to Supreme Court.  CAUS
vs NSA.  Linda Howe allegedly contacted by MJ-12.  Estimated world
surface population at 4.8 billion.
     820427 - NSA admits it has over 239 top secret documents
which relate to 'UFOs'.
     830000 - Researcher Lew Tery discovers a metal rod at center
of Blue Diamond electrogravitic vortex, NV.  Stealth F117A Fighter
becomes operational.  Colorado Advanced Technology Institute
     830409 - AFOSI agent [Kirtland AFB, NM] Richard Doty shows
Linda Howe Presidential Briefing on UFOs.
     830409 - Paul Bennewitz gets interviewed.  Determines Dulce
base location.
     840000 - NASA R&D budget at $192 million.  Rex-84 exercises
(FEMA) test ability to round up people and confine.
     840426 - Lt. Gen. Bond killed at Area 51 during disk test.
     841200 - U.S. Space Foundation holds first Annual National
Symposium in Colorado.
     850000 - Livermore Labs begin to manufacture artificial blood
for Dulce Facility [Los Alamos, Rand Corp., Dept. of Energy connect-
ions to Dulce].  NASA R&D budget at $248 million.  John Herrington
becomes Secretary of Energy.  McDonnell Douglas receives new
engine technology.
     851122 - NBC broadcasts program about black unmarked
helicopters, projects, & bad money.
     851204 - Reagan voices thoughts about forces from space to
high school students.  Suggests international cooperation to defend
against UFOs [German/Nazi or otherwise?] if such a threat were to
     860000 - Crime rate rises 5.2%  Project Snowbird 2: Develop
craft with conventional technology, show public.
     860726 - Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher dies.
     870000 - LAPD Officer dies after discovering CIA Drug point in
Los Angeles.  'Dulce Papers' released/Data on Five entrances to
[upper] Dulce lab is leaked.  Department of Defense funds 75% of
all Federal R&D.  $4.2 billion budgeted for 'Star Wars' program.
     870200 - There are 102 operable nuclear reactors in the
United States.
     870215 - San Juan 'Mercury' reports on Pentagon 'Black Budget'
     870900 - 16 HZ ELF waves broadcast 4 months before Presi-
dential election.  Dr. William Campbell Douglass, virulogist, first
comes public with the results of investiations conducted by himself
and associates concerning the origin of AIDS.  They reportedly
discovered that the Club of Rome, The United Nations, the World
Health Organization, and certain Communist elements collaborated
in the creation of the virus in a laboratory at Ft. Detrick Maryland.
Douglass reveales that this is part of an ongoing elitist Genocidal
policy to rid the world of 'undesirables'.
     870921 - Reagan voices thoughts at United Nations about
'aliens' threatening Earth.
     871011 - Las Vegas paper reports on Area 51, DREAMland.
     871214 - John Lear [son of William P. Lear of 'Lear Jet' fame]
offers to host 1989 MUFON Convention in Las Vegas, NV.
     880000 - George Bush becomes president.  Estimated world
surface population at 6.0 billion.
     880325 - John Lear released public statement on status of
affairs, referring to UFO's and CIA activity in the underground base
at Dulce, etc.
     880500 - Reagan again voices thoughts about 'aliens' from space
threatening Earth.
     880600 - Pres. Bush proposes converting unused military bases
to prisons.
     880700 - John Reynolds contacts Paul Bennewitz in New Mexico.
John Lear attempts to contact Bill English about Grudge 13 report.
     881200 - Steven White, President of Bechtel Investments [CIA-
controlled], dies at 60 years old.
     89-'90 - Billions spent modernizing NORAD.
     890000 - Stealth F117A revealed to public.  Year that Zbigniew
Brzezinski predicts the Constitution is rewritten.  Project Excalibur:
Develops earth-penetrating nuclear warhead to destroy underground
enemy bunkers or bases.
     890100 - William Cooper and John Lear issue indictment to
the President.
     890226 - William Cooper sends 536 copies of Indictment to
Congress.  2 replies.
     890300 - Soviets lose Mars Probe Link.
     890410 - Scientists report Cold-Fusion breakthrough.  Media
and scientists skeptical.
     890517 - Roads to Archuleta Mesa above Dulce, New Mexico
are road-blocked to prevent intrusion.
     890630 - Anti-gun legislation in Congress.  Attempt to disarm
the public.
     890927 - Researcher Greg Keith, in an article in THE WALL
STREET JOURNAL, relates statistics that 2 out of 3 black children
are aborted, and that 43 percent of all abortions are performed on
black women.  Keith accuses Margaret Sanger, based on her own
admissions, of being a SOCIAL ENGINEER -- one of many who
have targeted Blacks, Jews, Eastern Europeans and other NON-
ARYANS for reduction and extermination through population control,
genocide, infantacide-abortion, steralization, etc.
     920414 - The 'MONTEL WILLIAMS' talk show devotes an entire
episode to experts who allege that the AIDS virus was artificially
created in a laboratory as part of a genocidal plan implemented by
'New World Order' proponents of global population control.
     920925 - FOX Networks 'Sightings' documentary shows film
footage taken by space shuttle Discovery of beam-pulses or mis-
siles -- possibly from SDI planetary defense program -- fired from
the lower atmosphere toward several UFOs.  Ham radio operators
claim to hear stunned astronauts describing the battle.  Alleged
'sponsored' debunker James Oberg attempts to explain-away the
beam or missile blasts and the multiple moving objects seen on
the films.  [An attack on Nazi or Russian disks? -- Timothy Good
reported that 22 scientists who worked on the SDI program, mostly
Marconi employees, have died within a period of a few years under
very strange circumstances, mostly as a result of apparent 'suicides'.
Were they victims of Nazi or Communist assassins?]