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(b) MEDIA VIOLENCE/TRIVIA BLITZ: "Monkey see. Monkey do." There is a subconscious inclination in all of us to imitate what we see around us. Some of us can't control the inclination. Therefore, a certain % of ten-year-olds subjected to nearly constant, random depiction of violence will probably be unable to resist violent solutions to life's problems. Literally hundreds of scientific studies since 1960 have shown that TV violence produces violent inclinations in a significant segment of children. Sen. Thomas Dodd was grilling TV execs about this in the early 60s. One of Dodd's main targets in 1964 was an NBC exec whose name has been identified by my source. In the late Fall of 1965 Dodd received funding from the Senate for additional 1966 hearings on the issue. Within less than two MONTHS, in January, 1966, the Group arranged for Dodd to be accused of taking money for political favors from one of its agents, Julius Klein. By 1967 Dodd was censured by the Senate, based on Klein's allegedly false accusations. Dodd was powerless to continue the grilling of the NBC exec or anyone else. According to my source this has since been used as "an example" to restrain the actions of other politicians who have sought to curb violence in TV. The Group's prime targets have been the children who are going to be entering college and the business world between 1990 and 2000. [Let us hope that their 'violent' tendencies can be tamed and channelled towards a legal movement to investi- gate, expose and convict these fascist infiltrators and bring them to justice. - Wol.] They have been programming them for random violence since the early '60s. Another aspect of their propaganda campaign has been to trivialize real events and history to eliminate rational discussion of meaningful topics. Listen to the music and watch MTV. Look at TV programming. Tabloid violence is now appearing on every local TV station. This is too big a subject for me to cover here. Perhaps it will be as informative to cite examples from the lists of names identified by my source: Key senior officers of Nielsen Co. since the 1960s; presidents or chairmen of all major TV network companies or their parent companies during the past 3 years; chairmen, president or senior managing director of the five largest record companies [many of them Rockefeller owned, and advocative of racially incitive music. - Wol.].

(c) CRIME AND DRUGS: The Group's people in the legal world have pushed the criminals' rights concepts formulated by the Earl Warren court in the '60s to extreme limits. My informant has identified the names of at least one federal judge in each district in the US. A large portion of the council that drafted the Model Penal Code in 1962 were also identified. On the other side of the fence, the covert agents at the Group's disposal operate routine, nearly- daily "set-ups" against innocent people for no reason other than to destroy the people's confidence in our system of justice. Crime and illegal drugs go hand-in-hand. Drug traffic has been fostered under the covert aegis of the Group's massive apparatus within the CIA since at least Vietnam. My informant states that "Mr. Halloran" as a "contract" CIA operative in Saigon was running hard drugs from Laos and Cambodia to Bien Hoa to the US aboard military aircraft for use on American streets. It went on for years and is probably still going on, but now from other points of origin. There are alliances between the Group's agents in CIA and the military and drug lords in South America. My informant identified the names of most DEA agents-in-charge of major US offices & many US Coast Guard and Navy officers ON drug interdiction duty.

(d ) ECONOMIC DEPRESSION: The plan is for there to be a disastrous [but short-lived] depression, precipitated by a stock crash. The Group's members in the financial community certainly have the muscle to do it. My informant has identified [current=1994] either the presidents or chairmen of five of the six largest banks in NYC, many of the key officials in the NY Federal Reserve, most of the major London merchant banks, four of the largest GERMAN banks, and five of the 11 largest US stock brokerage firms.

( e) CIVIL/RACE WAR; THE MILITARY; THE ASSASSINATION LIST: The Group's plan is to covertly foster and finance a civil war on race lines through their agents in black and Hispanic ghettoes in major cities. Once they are successful in gun control legislation the Group will ARM the minority insurgents with attack weapons to be used against essentially weapon-less minority and non-minority individuals. The local police departments will be out-gunned. The military will be called in, but will be unable to control the situation due to an artificial "breakdown in the chain of command." [The percentage of senior US Army, Navy and Air Force general officers -- brigadier general through general, rear admiral through admiral -- identified by my informant has been astoundingly high. The rate of identification among generals and admirals in the military is equaled in only two other organizations: the State Department and the Council on Foreign Relations.] In the midst of the societal chaos, after the war begins, the Group will conduct systematic assassi- nations of key American civilian and military leaders who have not supported the Group's policies or its key agents. That list is referred to by my main informant and by the woman I first interviewed in 1983- 84 as "all the king's men." The civil war fostered covertly by the Group will frighten "middle America" into adoption of the Group's government. After the year 2000 the civil war will be used by the Group as the excuse for genocide against the Black and Hispanic races. The genocide of the black races will be global. There are also large-scale genocide plans for Hispanics and Chinese. Literally hundreds of smaller races also targeted. This will take place over a much longer period than [the] German experiment in WWII. [Re- member that the 'root' of the 'New World Order' agenda can be traced back to the secret cults of Bavaria, Germany -- the Illuminati, Thule, Nazi, Vril, Rosicrucian, Gnostic, Skull & Bones, Cult of the Serpent, Babylon Mystery Cult, O.T.O., Golden Dawn, Jesuit, and all of the many lesser known inter-locking secret societies which grew out of the occult-military core of the early Roman Empire and the so-called 'holy' Roman Empire -- a core that had its center of power not only in Rome but also in Baveria - Wol.]

8. MY ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERY OF THE GROUP IN THE MID-1980s; MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES: I encountered the Group as a result of a personal investigation into a very strange series of deaths and bizarre behavior changes I observed among my acquain- tances in a chemical factory that produced raw materials for plastics manufacture. All I knew at the start was that about 50 [now 100] employees had died of leukemia, aplastic anemia, various forms of cancer, and other illnesses that fit with only two possible causes: long-term exposure to benzene or to low-level radiation. The pattern included a series of sudden, unexpected heart attacks among spou- ses of dead or dying workers who [the spouses] asked questions about the cause of their husbands' deaths. Since the plant supposed- ly had no radioactive materials, I litigated a large-scale case on the assumption that the only possible cause was benzene. About 3 years after the case was over [I won it.], a series of employees there began exhibiting bizarre behavior changes. One of them privately confided in me, and her confidences caused me to open a very private, personal investigation. I determined that this woman and a second female employee had been subjected to some form of trauma under hypnosis by several men connected with the plant's medical staff. Both men had participated in what seemed a NAZI group called [the] ORDER OF THE FOURTH REICH. Both of the women were inter- rogated under hypnosis by the experts referred to earlier, under my direction. During the first 18 months of interrogations we learned that a form of "mind control" was used on the women and MANY other plant employees, as well as on my main [male] informant to conceal the covert manufacture of an illicit product at that factory [Described in a later section]. The Group's agents used a "mind control" method that concealed their observations and memories of its production from THEMSELVES. Here is how it worked: Employees' trust was gained by the Group's agents in the plant medical department. When the employees were called in for medical exams or given 'medication' by the plant physician and some of his staff, the employees were instructed in methods they were to use to forget events they had observed at the plant. The employees were taught to "remember to forget" incidents that the Group's agents did not want them to recall. In some cases these instructions were accompanied by physical torture under drugged hypnosis until the employee complied with the instructions. The subject is highly technical, but the end result was the concealment of a witness's memory from the witness's own consciousness, except in a hypnotic state.

9. TRAINING OF UNCONSCIOUS ASSASSINS ALSO KNOWN AS 'U-BOATS,' INCLUDING OSWALD, SIRHAN, possibly RAY, & MANY OTHERS LIKE THEM: The subject cannot possibly [be] treated in the short space I have left. Bare bones: Victims are drugged into regression to early childhood. They are subjected to incredible pain, many expiring in the process. The natural response to the levels of pain DR. MENGELE had perfected was dissociation of the conscious mind. In that state they were given new, GERMAN names and trained as one would train a killer guard dog. They kill on command. THEY ARE ARTIFICIALLY-PRODUCED "MULTIPLE" PERSONALITIES. One of the top people in their development appears to have been Sirhan Sirhan's psychiatrist, DR. DIAMOND. There were other prominent psych folks in on it. They have no memory of the kill, except when prompted by the proper stimuli. Mengele told my informant THAT HE personally did the training on Oswald. Location unknown, but we suspect Mexico City in Summer, 1963. [The] CIA gave John Marks [Search for Manchurian Candidate] what appears to be a real hokey, perhaps forged or fabricated, "field report" for the initial field test of an unconscious assassin in Mexico City in July, 1963 [see Marks' book, p. 190]. I suspect that if someone can get that file and bust a few balls, they'll find the memo given to Marks in his FOIA litigation was a substitute for one that named Oswald and depicted a successful "experiment." The likely control of the project we suspect to have been GEHLEN, but the CIA Director mentioned above may have also played a major role. Oswald was trained as a "patsy" only. He fired no shots. Sirhan was given the full course. His back-up was a man posing as a guard. Ray [who killed Martin Luther King] had the Oswald-type training.

10. NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL: I have given all my material to the Justice Department, as I have developed it. You ask: Why have they done nothing? I answer: Nuclear blackmail from more than one source. The plant of which I have spoken covertly produced the final component for a form of nuclear "plastique" explosive. The Silkwood case is involved in it. Silkwood saw someone burning something and they thought she knew they had siphoned away weapons-grade pluto- nium. The Apollo, PA missing plutonium scandal was also involved. The plutonium was shipped by military or diplomatic "pouch" to So. Africa for the first stage of refining. It was sent to W. GERMANY for the final step. Then it was shipped back to the East Coast. The plastique works on the principle of the neutron bomb. Radioactive particles are suspended in the plastique. A one kilogram detonation is roughly equivalent to 25% of the Hiroshima blast. The radiation is much worse. The device is similar to the Army's tactical field nukes. At first it appeared that the organization behind the illicit weapon was the NAZI group centered in the OIL COMPANY that owned the plant. Eventually I learned that the people behind it were the Group that has no name. The devices are concealed in small suitcase-sized, lead- lined cases. Radio-controlled. They were deployed in most large US cities and military bases during the approximate period, 1981- 84. The control officers for the operation were associated with former or then-current CIA and other intelligence, and a prominent RIGHT- WING political group. The devices are concealed in utility tunnels or uninhabited areas adjacent to targets. In cities with subways, they were placed in the subway systems because that will give the radiation charge approximately the same radius as a detonation at the prime level [about 10,000 feet]. Placement of all the devices was designed to give maximum concealment and yet the greatest kill radius consistent with the concealment. Thus, where the city is near a mountain, the bomb is on the mountain. The point of depar- ture for each deployment operation [second leg after origin] was AN ABANDONED MILITARY AIRFIELD OUTSIDE PHOENIX. The origin of the journeys was in the East U.S. The second source of nuclear blackmail are nuclear power plants with designed faults. [The] Group had planned to use this tactic to manipulate Government policy through threat and meltdown; threat and meltdown. The sabotage was directed against plants operated by five specific power compan- ies and involved one of the large nuclear plant contractors.

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A report from SEVENTH WEEK MAGAZINE states that U.S. Military Officers were observed gagged, cuffed, and shackled to their seats aboard a white U.N. 747 enroute to the Federal Transfer Center in OKLAHOMA! Part of this report follows: "At a survival/preparation seminar in S.E. Oklahoma, on 3/25/95, an attendee interrupted one speaker, and stated that a neighbor, who apparently serves as a reserve crew member aboard one of the all white, unmarked, United Nations B-747 aircraft (which are assigned to FEMA, Black Operations, i.e. U.N. / N.W.O and hubbed at the Federal [prisoner] Transfer Center or FTC at WILL ROGERS AIRPORT), had been dead- heading back to Oklahoma City on the flight. He descended from the flight deck to see what the "prisoner cargo" consisted of, however, not only did he see the normal armed, black uniformed guards, and a load of bound humans, but he saw several U.S. Military officers, in full uniform, gagged, and shackled to their seats! They were in the front of the cabin, and from their visages, he discerned that they were violently angry at their situation. No doubt! "At this point I guess you might think this is a joke? Nope, because in April 1993, and July 1994, an ex-Army intelligence analyst postulated THIS EXACT SCENARIO would happen! He also stated, in the 94 interview, "they" were going to use white 747's to fly "detained" [kidnapped] conservative, etc., etc., "political" prisoners around the U.S., via the TFC, to the NOW-existing, 130 FEMA "RESISTER/DISSI- DENT" DETENTION CAMPS. The above operation, among many others in this overall incredible takeover conspiracy, INCLUDES EARLY-ON LEADERSHIP KIDNAPPING, PERFORMED BY FOREIGN (ASIAN) CREWS NOW HIDDEN IN THE U.S. (on "closed" U.S. bases) [UNDER closed military bases? - Wol.], using the 3,000 choppers provided to the U.N. under the auspices of the 1989 "Open Skies Treaty," signed by good ole New World Order Sultan George Bush; a member of the Skull and Bones Secret Society, and the Trilateral Commission. The Treaty allows for the aerial observation of the U.S. (and, yes, your house -- if you have been tagged for observation, along with your phone being tapped), No Questions Asked! The majority of the recent BLACK CHOPPER sorties have nothing to do with lawful military/police depart- ment operations, but are presently locating, and setting up for seizure, people/guns, who will not take the "mark" of the coming One World Government/Order! So prepare accordingly!"

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The following information was released by 'Leading Edge Research' in June of 1992. "During the UFO EXPO West 92 in Los Angeles, which took place a week after the riots in Los Angeles, I chanced to run into some fellow investigators who had observed several ships loaded with electronic antennae off the coast of Los Angeles two days before the riots took place. There are groups in Southern California that regularly conduct frequency analysis of various metropolitan areas, and they reported that the Los Angeles area was HEAVILY DOSED WITH BETA FREQUENCIES shortly before the riots occurred. Beta frequencies can produce anxiety states, and this most certainly exacerbated another scenario, which was a control- led exercise in population manipulation (a product of the microwave mind-control experiments carried out at Montauk Point, Long Island in the mid-1980's? - Wol.) "The enormous media-centered campaign around the Rodney King case would not have been possible without the approval from the highest levels of the TLC (Tri-Lateral Commission) and intelli- gence agencies, and it points to a long-standing campaign to encourage race riots -- a campaign that has apparently existed for the one-year period between the original incident involving Rodney King and the trial that ended on April 29, 1992. "...On April 30th, the Compton Police Dept. revealed that it had arrested six people for arson, and that when questioned about their activities, the youths said they 'were on a mission to burn down 10 buildings an hour' (Note: are some of the L.A. 'gangs' tied-in to secret societies at the higher levels?). Their car contained 10 gallons of gasoline for use in these fire-bombing operations. Law enforcement sources also report that many of those arrested during the disturbance had identical cover stories, indicating that there were many such groups under the coordination and control of someone. "The Los Angeles riots were in fact intelligence agency operations that were used to invoke the application of military troops; they were an attempt to start nationwide riots that would require the invocation of martial law and FEMA plans. "Another indicator that the 'riots' were probably an intelligence operation is that the day before the Rodney King verdicts were released, a mass leaflet was distributed in South Central Los Angeles by a group calling itself the 'Revolutionary Communist Party'. If you are at all familiar with US intelligence agency practices, it can immediately be seen that RCP is a front for CIA activities. Most 'revolutionary' and 'terrorist' activities are in fact performed by the very intelligence agencies which claim to exist for the prevention of such activities. The leaflet said, 'There's No Justice in the Courtroom -- It's Right to Rebel.' "...Within days of the incident, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (who is also a MEMBER of the Trilateral Commission, folks) used the press-orchestrated clamor for 'police reform' to put TLC counter- insurgency apparatus in place which launched a virtual war on local law enforcement, effectively paralyzing, if not destroying, those functions (could Mayor Bradley and Police Chief Gates have been two lower-level 'Machiavellian' pawns? - Wol.). TLC member Tom Bradley, as it turns out, appointed fellow TLC member Warren Chris- topher to form the 'Independent Commission to Investigate the LAPD.' Christopher, whose 'specialty' is riots and urban insurgency, is a partner in the law firm of O'Melveny and Myers. In the early 1960's, he and fellow TLC member Cyrus Vance, then at the Pentagon, drafted 'Operation Garden Plot', a plan for military martial law in American cities in the event of 'domestic civil disorder'. Of course, there is no distinction made of the 'cause' of domestic disorder, if you get my point. "Warren Christopher, in fact, was one of the creators of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), during the Johnson administration, when he was Deputy Attorney General. LEAA was one of the early attempts to implement a top-down federal takeover of local police departments in the U.S. "...It is apparently a long-standing policy of the Trilateral Commi- ssion to foment civil disturbance and unrest, not just in the U.S. but worldwide, in order to foster the imposition of world dictatorship. "Don't stop now -- it gets more interesting. Also appointed to the Christopher Commission by TLC member Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles, is a man by the name of Mickey Kantor, who just happens to be the national campaign manager for the Democratic Presidential candidate and TLC member (and later President - Wol.) William Clinton, who is himself at the heart of the drug-smuggling operation that was detailed on April 21, 1992 on NBC televisions 'A Current Affair'; drugs have been flown in and out of the airport in Mena, Arkansas since the early Reagan days, and according to the televi- sion broadcast, both BUSH and CLINTON are aware of it; every time there is an effort to look into it, THE INVESTIGATION GETS STONE- WALLED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Check it out for yourself..."