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[Part II is contained in a second posting. It includes sections 7- 10 on methods 
for undermining American society, my original discovery of the group, use of 
mind control techniques in training unconscious assassins, including Oswald and 
Sirhan, and nuclear blackmail. Pt II has instructions on how to respond.]
Copyright 1994. Anonymous. Redistribution rights granted for non-commercial 
purposes only.

INTRODUCTION: The JFK assassination involved a much bigger conspiracy than Cuba 
or the Mob or the CIA or all 3 put together. It was planned, run and covered up 
by an international Group that has no name. I'm in the process of completing an 
investigation and expose on that Group's activities that I began in the early 
'80s. This investigation began after I encountered evidence of torture and mind 
control techniques among workers at a chemical plant involved in some litigation 
I handled in the late '70s. (Note: could this 'chemical' company be DU PONT 
corp? Du Pont was doing business with the Nazis during World War II, and 
possibly had ties with the Nazi chemical company I. G. Farben. This is only a 
suggestion. The anonymous author does not give a name to 'The Group', however 
there is a good chance that it is what has been referred to by others as the 
'Order of the Fourth Reich'. - Wol.)

I'm posting this very short piece because I would like confirma- tion of those 
portions that can be corroborated before I com- plete the work. I do not seek to 
chat about it and I do not want anyone's approval or disapproval of the events 
or ideas. Unless you have been involved in it or are some sort of spook it's all 
going to sound very strange. I'm sending this message to people who are or have 
been involved, but may not know just what they have gotten into. Some of the 
readers of this piece are going to recog- nize the small roles they have 
wittingly or unwittingly played in bringing the nightmare I'm about to briefly 
sketch to its current status -- just a few short years from reality. I am 
addressing you and only you in this piece. Based on the following very, very 
brief summary of a huge file on this subject, it seems apparent to me that you 
have each played a witting or unwitting role in treason. Those of you who think 
you have been serving a "better cause" should heed these words and THINK about 
what you have been doing to your country. For those readers who think mysterious 
forces are sending radio waves into their heads and bodies, or the like, please 
don't send responses or messages to me. On the other hand, if you've had 
flashbacks to violent events that you can't understand; if you recall your hands 
doing things that you didn't control; if you've awakened in a hotel room not 
knowing how you got there, read a newspaper story about a dead general or 
Congressman, recognized the picture and wondered if you were the one who did it; 
or if the phrase "remember to forget" has a great significance to you, you may 
want to read on & consider contacting me. [Contact must be through anonymous 
file server so that neither of us knows the other. If it seems a 
worthwhile lead to me, I will reply by E-Mail to your anon id. Please do not 
contact me unless you use a password going through I won't 
respond otherwise.]

In 1983 I undertook to determine the reason for and the people responsible for 
the torture and behavior conditioning at the factory. Since then the 
investigation has broadened step-by- step into a much, much larger 
investigation. I cannot possibly recap the full story here. The initial course 
of the investigation has required over 400 pages of draft to adequately explain. 
So let it suffice to say that within the first 18 months I obtained 
identifications [photograph] from two independent witnesses of the principal 
torturer as Dr. Joseph Mengele. The same witnesses later identified [photograph] 
the man who was direct- ing Mengele's activities as a person who was at one time 
the DIR- ECTOR of the CIA. Another key player in the Group's activities in 
Vietnam, the RFK hit, Watergate and various assassinations of American military 
and civilian leaders was one of that Director's highly-placed subordinates, who 
only recently left CIA. This second CIA LEADER will be referred to in this piece 
by the same code name he used with my informant: Mr. Halloran.

My primary sources for the mind control comments are in-depth, videotaped 
interrogations in awake states, as well as under deep hypnosis in conjunction 
with two hypnosis experts [one of whom has served as president of one of the 
internationally-recognized bodies in the field] of three witnesses. My primary 
source for the comments on the Group, its plans, goals, methods and history is 
one of the three above witnesses who appears to have been the illegitimate son 
of GEN. REINHARD GEHLEN resulting from the general's participation in the 
lebensborn program in 1942-43. He informs me that lebensborn continued well into 
the ''70s, seemingly headquartered in FRANKFURT. A significant part of the 
following account and the individuals mentioned in it is based on my infor- 
mant's conversations with the man who appears to have been his father, Gen. 
Gehlen, in various parts of the Northeast & in Langley beginning in about 1953; 
briefings held by various spokesmen but mostly by the former CIA Director at the 
NY offices of a well-known [Rockefeller? - Wol.] Foundation, which appears to be 
the American "host" for the Group; and a list of the Group's members and agents 
that my informant was instructed to memorize during the period 1975-1987 in 
preparation for his intended role in the Group. In many cases it is not known 
whether the individuals' names were listed because they are "players" or because 
they have been coerced into cooperation through blackmail or economic means or 
are associates of real "players" who can control the named individuals. 
Thousands of names have been identified from virtually all walks of life, 
including such unexpected groups as the Nobel Committee [and] Vatican City... My 
informant states that over the years only a very, very few of the many thousands 
on the list have known the real plan and the real goals.

1. THE COVERT WAR: A covert war has been waged against the people of this 
country and other countries for over 50 years. Some casualties of that war are 
people whose deaths are already suspect, but no one can quite put their finger 
on the real motive. John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King. JFK by 4 
marksmen, of which 2-3 actually got off shots [these would most likely include 
the 2 mafia hit-men behind the 'grassy' knoll and the 'tramps' who were assigned 
to pick up the spent shells; the CIA patsy Oswald in the Book Depository and 
another hit-man who shot from a building across from the book depository. Others 
allege that William Greer, the secret service limo driver, got off a quick shot 
with a handgun, which would make him the 5th gunman if we are to believe some 
researchers. - Wol.], one of whom was a well-known French contract assassin 
headquartered in Madrid. An assist on the job goes to an Oswald "double" 
supplied by the KGB section headed in 1963 by a very high-ranking recent leader 
of USSR. The "double" killed Officer Tippit in plain view for no reason other 
than to implicate Oswald. RFK, by a security guard [Thane] & Sirhan, Sirhan [who 
was condi- tioned to kill and to forget both the kill and his control]. King, by 
someone unknown to us, but my source worked with "Raul" [also used over 10 other 
code names] at CIA from 1967-83. "Raul's" expertise for [the] CIA was the 
perfect "set-up" of innocent people in crimes. The MLK hit was the first and 
only time he did a set up in a political assassination. The whole Warren 
Commission seems to have been fixed, beginning with Warren and 3 other members 
of the Commission, all of whom my informant identified as agents of the Group. 
Every witness who could shed light on the Kennedy murders has been 
systematically hunted down and murdered. [I seek information from those who were 
in it. I believe I already know one who was. You might know something about it 
if you recognize the code name BLACKHAWK. If so, think about it.] Other victims 
of assassination by the Group whose names will be recognized include Franklin D. 
Roosevelt, Marilyn Monroe, Mahatma Gandhi, Anwar Sadat & Olof Palme. There have 
been many thousands more.

2. THE ORIGIN OF THE GROUP: The precursor of the subversive Group seems to have 
been formed in the first quarter of the century, we think in connection with the 
formation of the Federal Reserve. At first it appears to have been little more 
than a group of the world's leading investment and merchant bankers seeking 
world-wide control of money supply. But by about 1932 it developed into a scheme 
for a New World Order, in which there would be total control of human behavior 
by a world government. They sponsored Hitler through two of their most important 
German members: Paul von Hindenburg and Franz von Papen. By the 1930s the key 
players seem to have included Hess [who flew to England in 1941 ONLY because he 
was "blown"] and then Bormann in the Nazi government; Schrwder and the ENTIRE 
Reichsbank sr. officer list in German banking; most of the major merchant 
banking houses in London, some of the key banks in NY, Sweden, France, 
Switzerland & Netherlands, along with the Bank for Int'l Settlements [infamous 
for its crediting the Nazis with ownership of the looted Austrian, Czech, 
Belgian and Netherlands gold]; the monarchs of England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, 
Austria [the Archduke], Hungary [Regent], & Japan; and some of the key men in 
the Fall of France, like Viscount Gort and Admiral Forbes; and two American 
generals who none of you would believe. [I would suspect that one of these 
'generals' was Dwight D. Eisen- hower -- who was sponsored by the Rockefellers 
and through whom many of the national socialist policies of the Rockefellers 
were implemented here in the U.S. -- although this is only my guess. - Wol.]

consists of international bankers [the same core of NY, London, Swiss and German 
merchant bankers, but now expanded to the largest banks in many other parts of 
the world, notably Japan and in the Middle East], kings, at least one queen, 
princes, industrialists [among the world's top 100 CEOs +/or Chairmen... a heavy 
concentration in autos], Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marine Corps generals, State 
department section chiefs, Mafia chiefs, drug lords, elected officials, judges 
at all levels, many media owners, a host of leading lawyers, and many others. 
The leader- ship of the Group comes from its EUROPEAN parent organization, 
consisting of many of Europe's key bankers, industrialists, & politicians. 
[that is, those who are involved in re-establishing the ancient Roman 'Reich' or 
'Empire' which once ruled Europe - Wol.] They want to impose on this planet a 
centralized world oligarchy -- not a demo- cracy -- akin to a FASCIST state in 
which there will be genocide on a massive scale, total state control over all 
aspects of human be- havior and communication and control of the human mind and 
spirit through manipulation of the world's major religions, genetic engineering, 
drugs, tightly-controlled media and by other means. There will be death 
camps in which "undesirable" races, the old and infirm, and those without 
"social utility" will be exterminated without a trace. The institution of 
state-sanctioned slavery will be re-established. There will no longer be 
families as we know the institution. There will be a MASTER RACE in charge of 
all this power. 


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[Part I is the next posting. I added this Part I-A from the original because the 
file turned out to be too large for posting or E-Mail. It is simply a 
continuation of Part I, which is the next posting under this subject.]
Copyright 1994. Anonymous.
Redistribution rights granted for non-commercial purposes only.
[Draft continues from Part I]
-- the ARYAN RACE, augmented by advanced genetics, and bred for superior 
characteristics. Their target date is the coming second millennium, the year 
2000. If you want details of their plan, with an approximate day-to-day 
blueprint of life under the new regime, read Brave New World. Huxley apparently 
knew about the plan from his brother.

4. THE GROUP'S OPERATIONS SINCE W.W.II: When their man, Hitler, went out of control 
they drugged him into oblivion and implemented the death camp 'model' under 
Bormann. Early in W.W.II there was a conference hosted by King George in the 
English countryside at which representatives from all walks of life from all 
over agreed on a plan to undermine and overthrow the US and Russian states. 
Representatives of all the monarchies mentioned above attended. At the end of 
W.W.II, GEN. GEHLEN ran two operations in Spring, 1945 for them: the 
assassination of FDR using a chemical that caused the cerebral hemorrhage and 
immediate death and the elimina- tion of Hitler with a bullet from Bormann's gun 
[without Hitler's 'consent'] (Note: IF Gehlen succeeded in his assassination 
attempt of Adolph Hitler, then the 'body' found in the ashes of Berlin still 
might NOT have been that of the German leader, if we are to believe the claims 
of those who insist that the dental charts or Hitler did not coincide with the 
remains of the cadaver found among the ruins. - Wol.) FDR's offense was that he 
refused to approve their COVER AGENCY, the CIA. [Not the agent level 
generally. The liaison and intermediate levels with some key men at the top 
levels, particularly in Covert Ops.] GEHLEN ran the American, AS WELL AS THE 
European "security" operations until his death in '79. Their "assassina- tion" 
techniques for those who get in the way begin with char- acter assassination. 
When that fails, they train and finance real assassins who generally do not use 
bullets these days. The favored methods are carefully tailored to the victims' 
medi- cal files to make death look "natural" through barely-detectable chemicals 
that artificially cause heart attacks, cerebral hemor- rhages, Alzheimer 
disease, leukemia, & brain tumors.

through the GERMAN war machine and von Ribbentrop's "diplomacy" to loot the 
treasuries of Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, The Netherlands, other states 
and the gold and jewels once owned by murdered Jews. Gehlen oversaw the "Odesa" 
operation in about 1942-45 in which most of the bullion, stolen art, and the 
Jews' gold was shipped by various means to ARGENTINA. The missing gold alone, in 
PRE- 1939 DOLLARS, was worth $600 million. [Go look up what pre- '39 $ are 
worth. Multiply it out.] Since then the Group has used the bullion cache as 
credit for its operations, including ECONOMIC WARFARE against the US. It 
remained in ARGENTINA at least until both of the Per_ns were in power. Bormann 
was one of the Nazis who controlled access to it in Argentina, but I suspect the 
former Argentine WWII Nazi espionage chief, Johannes Siegfried Becker, played a 
big role. [Bullion site switched after Per_ns. I suspect to Venezuela, based on 
a meeting between my informant and Becker in Venezuela in the late 1970s.] In 
addition, a good part of the funding over the years has come from large-scale 
diversions of funds from all major treasuries in the western world. I believe 
the principal method involves divert- ing cash credits for funds coming into the 
government through the Group's control of central banks like the Federal Reserve 
& apparent subversion of agency accounting chiefs. My informant has also 
identified the names of several of the top men in IRS and Treasury FMS. The 
"skim" appears to be about .5% of all incoming funds. My informant states that a 
significant portion of the diverted funds go to campaign funds for members of 
Congress as "protection" or the like. So there is no one in the Government who 
has much interest in looking into this diversion. Even those in Congress who are 
"clean" are typically co-opted by promises of more power or are just squelched.

-planned fifty-year war. The late 40s and 50s were spent putting their agents in 
place and rebuilding their main clients' European industrial base - with American 
money. The initial steps in the American overthrow occurred in the 1960's 
through several of the Group's most critical agents -- Earl Warren and LBJ, with 
assists from J. Edgar Hoover and others. [Chief Justice Warren, unlike LBJ, was 
an unwilling agent. The Group forced Warren to participate in the JFK cover-up 
and the Group's plan to alter the social structure of US because they "had 
something on him."] One of the first things the Group did to protect its own 
covert operation was one of Gen. Gehlen's specialties in WWII Nazi intelligence 
-- divert attention to the "Red menace." There is also a pattern of 
identifications by my informant of petitioners and/or their chief law- yers in a 
series of Supreme Court cases in the 1950s and 1960s that made it impossible for 
the Fed or state governments to conduct thorough investigations into subversive 
organizations. While I applaud the civil liberties aspects, I suspect that this 
was only 'window dress- ing' for the true purpose. What the Group wanted by the 
time of the "incubation period" [1995-2000] was a society that was uneducated, 
amoral, uncommitted to democratic institutions, living in fear, with a sudden 
and very drastic reduction in spendable income simultaneous with societal chaos. 
The Group thought that this would produce the environment for 'rejection' of the 
democratic form of government that they seek by 2000. In the 1960s the Group's 
agents started the process of eliminating religious and moral ideals from 
American life, particularly in the schools [& in that regard go back & read the 
dissents in the Supreme Court cases, accurately stating that the Founding 
Fathers would turn over in their graves to learn that what they wrote in 
Philadelphia in the 1780s outlaws prayer in schools], removed as many 
impediments to criminality as they could get away with, dramatically increased 
media [TV] portrayal of violence and joblessness [role models have no jobs, bad 
guys live in big houses, etc.; begin your reading with The Early Window, by 
Liebert & Sprafkin], reduced the standards of education and early training for 
rational thought [see 'Endangered Minds' for a partial account] and fostered 
every possible dislocation in family structure they could engineer, beginning 
with LBJ's welfare policies.

the resulting identification and interrogation process convinced me that all of 
their plans for social disintegration in the US started in the 1960s. The 
Group's man, Lyndon Johnson [who was installed as president after their partly 
successful coup d'etat was initiated with the death of JFK - Wol.], was ready & 
willing to give them the policies they wanted. Warren's work on constitutional 
precedents was well under way. On the other hand, the Kennedy brothers had 
reneged on a deal their father had made with the Group and got in the Group's 
way at this most critical period. My informant says there were many reasons for 
the hit [JFK was going after their main covert apparatus when he threatened to 
"dismember" CIA; threatened huge profits of (a) their client merchant bankers 
and owners of Fed Class A stock when he issued Exec Order authorizing 
silver-backed U.S. Notes as legal tender and (b) their client industrialists 
when he resisted full-scale war in Vietnam; & resisted their push to create a 
disunited & Government-dependent black population] (...not to mention the 
enemies he made by failing to give air-support for the "Bay of Pigs" incident, 
which involved a failed CIA-Mafia invasion attempt of Cuba. - Wol.) But the 
reason for the immediacy of the hit was that the Group wanted Bobby dead a lot 
more than they wanted JFK [Bobby had stumbled into the Group in the Civil Rights 
movement and had a very quiet investigation under way. He was putting cases 
together on one of their most important allies -- the Mob.] (Robert Kennedy 
reportedly compiled a manuscript titled "The Enemy Within", detail- ing the 
results of his investigations. - Wol.) The only way to get to Bobby was to kill 
JFK. When Bobby announced his candidacy he "signed his own death warrant." The 
The RFK hit was planned and run from Vietnam. MLK was hit at least partly as a 
result of a deal made by J. Edgar Hoover with the Group. In exchange for his 
cooperation in the JFK cover-up, Hoover insisted that they arrange for the death 
of King. The Group agreed because they feared MLK would unite the black 
population. Oswald was never supposed to survive. Ruby worked for the Carlos 
Marcello organization and the Oswald hit was Marcello's hit. Ruby was killed 
before he could open his mouth at the 2d trial by use of one of the artificial 
'heart attack' chemicals. My informant overheard a conversation about it between 
the former Director [of the] CIA mentioned above, and another man in which both 
were laughing about the [Jack] Ruby hit.

7. THE COMING CHAOS: The plan is to unleash elemental forces of chaos that 
transcend government philosophy. The primitive mandate for political/social 
structure seems to be protection of the person from crime and disease, 
protection of property, a system of justice to enforce those protections, and 
organization for economic gain. All these refinements we've developed - 
democracy, fascism, communism, monarchy - come after the primitive mandates have 
been met. The theory is that if you remove enough of those basic protections the 
government will fall because it is not performing the more important, elemen- 
tary functions. This subject is an enormous one which I could not begin to 
describe in such a short piece as this. The reader will have to fill in the 
blanks left by the following examples:
(a) DISEASE: The Group developed the AIDS virus principally at Albert Ludwigs 
University in Freiburg im Brisgau. It seems that Dr. Strecker and the London 
Times [5/11/87] were correct in suspecting that the epidemic was man-made and 
connected with the World Health Organization's smallpox eradication program in 
Africa [My source identified the names of a senior member of the Global 
Commission in 1979, who handled at least Ethiopia and Somalia, and W.H.O. 
representatives for Central Africa, where the AIDS virus is taking the largest 
toll, and for Western Africa] and the 1978-79 hepatitis B vaccine experiments 
among homosexuals in the U.S. [My source identified the name of one member of 
the NY City team. I could not obtain the names of the team members for S.F.] 
They chose homosexuals because they believed that few would care what happened 
to them and hoped the disease would spread throughout the country before anyone 
realized that it would kill ANYONE -- not just gays. During the "incubation 
period" [1995- 2000] the Group plans to introduce new diseases that will be "far 
more aggressive, far more vicious" than AIDS. [Apparently, we must assume that 
if they release a disease, they will already have developed an antidote in case 
one of 'them' gets infected - Wol.]

Continued in PART II posted to this same Newsgroup.